Is this a counterfeit 1893 CC ?

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Hello to everyone,

This is my first post :hi:

I'm kind of new to collecting and hoped some of you could help me out.

The Morgan CC set is my first goal and just need the 79, 91, 92 to finish the set. Most of my coins are NGC with a couple in GSA holders still to be graded. While looking around on ebay I saw the 1893 pictured below but after close inspection something in me just said is this real?

I've compared it to my 93 and it just doesn't seem the same.

Could you all tell me what you think and if this is a counterfeit or real 1893 CC?






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Nothing is just 'jumping out' to say hey, I'm bogus, but unless this is incredibly on the cheap I'd avoid this coin as it has some significant rim damage on the obv. around the E of E pluribus Unum


Welcome to the boards.

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First, welcome to the neighborhood!


It looks okay to me except that it has been improperly cleaned, and I don't like the hit on the rim at 9 o'clock.



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I think that it is genuine, but it has been cleaned in such a manner that it would be a very unattractive purchase for most knowledgeable Morgan Dollar collectors who are working on sets in the this level of preservation. (I the Fine to EF range.)


I would advise you to purchase an attractive certified coin that is as original as possible. This date expensive in Mint State condition so a circulated example is perfectly acceptable. You could get the more common CC dates, like the 1882 and 1883 in Choice Mint State. There is no need to assemble a set where all of the grades are the same IMO. Buy the coins in the conditions that you enjoy.

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Thanks for all the replies and advise, this really helped.

I guess I was focused on the inside lines of the lettering.

For instance, the inside of the D in dollar isn't as crisp as other Morgan examples.

I'm enjoying learning what to look for in grades and appreciate the recommendations/suggestions.




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I've seen a few fakes at local coin club meetings. We all looked them over and noted each one could easily be ID'd as counterfeit by comparing the width of the coin and diameter. Also, the fakes we saw must have been from the same counterfeiter because they were different year coins, but the backs were all the same with a raised blemish at 9 o'clock on the reverse in the field just above the olive branch. I saw 6 coins that looked like that.


It's hard to tell (at least for me it is) by a photo with the exception that this one has been badly cleaned more than once.


Thank you for sharing!



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