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RPM's and OMM's that you don't recognize?

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If I send in a coin that is a variety that you don't recognize do you refund the charge for the variety? I have several RPM and OMM Buffalo Nickels and I haven't a clue as to which # you recognize except for the OMM4 on the '38-D?

The 1938-D has several RPM's which ones do you recognize? RPM 1,2,3 etc.?I also have a 1935-D/D RPM.4 or 5?



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Hi Monty,


Yes, you would be charged for the VP service even if it is a variety not recognized by NGC, simply because the research and attribution work has to be put in.


For 1938-D Buffalo nickels, we will attribute and recognize the following RPM's and OMM's:


1938-D RPM 2 and RPM 3 (will be listed as D/D)


1938-D OMM 1 and OMM 2 (will be listed as D/S)


1938-D/D/D/S FS-020.5


For the 35-D, we recognize the 1935-D/D/D/D FS-018.5



You may look at the variety's we recognize by following the link HERE


You can also click on the Services and Submission tab at the top of our home page and go to the Variety Plus page for more information on varieties.



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I have a new found respect and appreciation for NGC. It seems like the fellows actually do appreciate business from the collector or "the little guy". The number one indicator is the unmatched customer service, simply marvelous. However, the only problem I have ever had is sending in a 38D RPM to be attributed. I just new that since Mr. Lange had been on staff that my OMM3a would be attributed no problem after submitting it since Mr. Lange had actually written the book on Buffalo's and their Varieties. But I was mildly dissappointed when the coin was returned. The OMM3a happened to be recognized by James Wiles and was accompanied by his letter of response for the coin. The coin was in a PCGS holder and I just dont like PCGS holders for a number of reasons, besides it is a very rare and bold OMM. It just seems to me that Since Mr. Lange is on staff, that his findings and studies should be recognized by NGC. What does NGC think?

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NGC isn't questioning the existence of this variety, but we have certain criteria for which varieties we will designate. We will recognize Cherrypicker varieties and Red Book varieties.


OMM-1 qualifies as a Cherrypicker and will be attributed under our VarietyPlus service only, while the remaining varieties we attribute qualify as Red Book varieties and require no additional fee.


Our determination is that some of the lesser known RPD varieties are not sufficiently desirable to merit the premium attached to the ones we do recognize. To label them as simply RPD would place them on the same plane with the better varieties. If and when these are added to the Cherrypicker listings, they can be distinguished by number and will be recognized by NGC.

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