1782 Irish "Hibernia" halfpenny : regal issue or contemporary counterfeit?

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Yeah, I know. It's defective. ;)


I also know it isn't a modern fake.


But is it an "evasion" copper (i.e., a contemporary 18th century counterfeit), or a regal issue?






Perhaps "evasion" copper isn't the right term- didn't most of those have weird names and legends?


What of Machin's Mills and issuers such as that?


If it's a contemporary counterfeit, how does that change the value, if at all?


How much lower were the quality control standards at places like Machin's Mills versus those of the Tower Mint? I know they were lower. But would that mean more error coins getting into commerce?


Just wondering. I'm happy with this interesting newp either way. Cost me less than many a similar error on a Statehood quarter would have.

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I did find a 1782 Hibernia halfpenny while detecting, once, but it wasn't this coin. That coin has a slightly different portrait.


No, I did not dig this one, though someone may have, once upon a time.


The microporosity one sees in these photos is not so apparent in hand, and the color is a bit lighter; more of a medium brown.

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Another question- if this in fact a contemporary counterfeit, does that mean a TPG won't slab it?


I know the normal answer there is yes, they will not slab it as it is an ineligible type.


But am not so sure of the status of 18th century counterfeits, Machins Mills issues, and stuff like that.


Not that it really needs to be slabbed, but I bought this with the thought that an error coin would be cool in my Box of 20 set. I realize the porosity might prevent a straight grade from a TPG, and it may "details" grade.


I didn't stop to consider the fact that it could bodybag for ineligibility, though.

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