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Got a new camera for Christmas

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I bet you were expecting some pictures, weren't you? devil.gif


My wife and I decided to go together and get ourselves a new camera for Christmas. She likes to photograph just about anything and I was getting tired of fighting with my old Mavica for coin pics. On Christmas day we ordered a Canon Digital Rebel and a 100mm macro lens. It finally arrived Thursday but we were heading out of town Friday morning so I didn't get a chance to take any coin pics until yesterday.


I am very pleased with this camera, compared to my old Mavica. I still have a lot of learning to do but I got some great shots for my first day. I promise to try to load one or two tonight.


This all got me to thinking. Does anyone use the registry just as a place to show their collection? I was thinking I could put some coins in their just for show since I will never have a competitive set. What is the limit on image size to add to the registry?


Even if I don't bother with a registry I should be able to post some coins from time to time. smile.gif

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I have the same camera. You will have some great fun with it. Here are a few pics I took with mine over the weekend.




<p> Leo, care to take a quess at he grade? It is in an NGC holder.

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My Registry set will never be a serious contender for the Type Set throne, but I listed the coins anyway just to show the images and perhaps have people read what I wrote. At one point the set was as high as fifth place, but I removed some coins and then didn't add anything back. I would be surprised if it were still in the top twenty.

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Does anyone use the registry just as a place to show their collection?




My sets just keep dropping in rank and dropping... like the Energizer! insane.giflaugh.gif Show and tell is what it's all about. wink.gif


Great pics chinook - a solid 66, possibly a 67, depending on appearance in-hand, although not technically. (I have a few of those!)



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I registerd last night but didn't have time to actually create any sets. I didn't even realize that the registration was different from registering for the forums.


Now, do they have a silver war nickel registry? I need to show off my Hoot pedigree coins. yay.gif


Nice pics chinook. But I can't grade Jeffersons any better than PCGS can so I won't bother to guess. wink.gif


Did you check out my wooden two center pics I posted last night? I love this camera. 893applaud-thumb.gif

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