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the coin titler. posted by M. DECKER

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I mean no offense at you directly, but his info is technically correct if you read the ANA Standards (as I did before I posted my rebuttal).


"The lowest grade on this scale is About Good-3; the highest is Perfect Uncirculated-70." This is posted on the US Mint website - http://www.usmint.gov/about_the_mint/collectors_corner/?action=grading


Basically it means that every grade on the scale in a MINT grade showing a particular coin's percent of MINT quality and properties remaining on the coin in question. At least that is my impression/interpretation. It is NOT the terminology we use today however, thus causing the confusion. Today we refer to MINT STATE coins only if given the grade 60 to 70.


TO OTHER COLLECTORS: Isn't it enough already ragging on this fellow collector??? He only tries to communicate to our supposedly "remarkably knowledgeable and helpful" membors (to quote myself several times). To you he may not be a peer worthy of your acceptance but at least he is human and deserves respect from us at least as fellow members and collectors.


Please correct me if I am wrong. My two cents!


Michael Prescott

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Let's not turn this into another lengthy overly serious discussion about correctness and proper etiquette. There is enough of that on the US Coins page. It is a journal entry, look at it snicker and move on. Pppllleeeaassseee!!!!

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