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I want to collect a set of off-center P or D State Quarters but...

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I've heard the U.S. Mint has installed new machinery that makes this error impossible. Something about the way the planchet feeds into the die area?

Does anyone know about this?

I've also heard there are improved methods for removing errors before they leave the Mint.

Before I sink too much money into this collection I'd like to know if I can complete it.


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I have no clue as to the methods that the Mint is employing to reduce error coinage. However, I can tell you that a very good friend of mine was aggressively trying to complete an off-center State Quarter series set and when he lost interest, and tried to sell, he found that the market was almost one-way. He wasn't some novice collector, either, he has been a serious dealer for twenty years. His off-center State Quarters are now sold, but it took him about two years of pushing them from his table, offering them to other dealers, putting them on ebay and otherwise trying to unload them before they were all gone. These were all graded by PCGS as MS64-MS67 and he was sitting on $100-$400 for each coin. I don't think he broke even and he really had to work to sell them. Good luck.

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The one thing that is certain about the minting process , is that nothing is certain, and nothing is impossible.

I would highly recommend the Error Coin Encyclopedia by Arnold Margolis and Fred Weinberg, they are the predominant error coin dealers in the field and may help you complete your sets. Both advertise in the Coin World Classifieds.

Good luck with this fascinating area of collecting.

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