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My newest addition to the key chain.

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Here it is folks. My newest addition to my collection. All opinions are welcomed. I`ve waited for quite sometime to find a suitable $3 piece . My criteria was affordability, rarity, acceptable condition, certification by NGC or PCGS, and mint marked. For me, this piece filled the bill. No pun intended ! But, most of all my wife said I could have it !!!!!!!! yay.gif I will attach a photo of the obverse to this post and a photo of the reverse to a reply to this post.

Happy Holidays to All !


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It looks like a nice coin! thumbsup2.gif I've always found these and half cents to be the most interesting denominations that are affordable to most collectors. Even though I have written that, I must admit that I own neither denomination. blush.gif

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a good looking coin this three dollar gold thumbsup2.gif


the 1860-s is a really scarce date and an s mint to boot!!


most all are circs with maybe a few lower grade uncs known and your coin looks better than the uncs!! 893whatthe.gif


and a low net mintaGE TOO 4000 ((approx. 3000 where melted in the late 1860's of this date and mintmark combo))


with precious few survivors


this coin is RARE IN XF!!!!!!



lets see a sexy s mintmarked coin pre civil war gold a three dollar gold piece and a rare date and grade combo


893applaud-thumb.gifi likes it 893applaud-thumb.gif





michael shy.gif

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Thanks for the compliments Michael !

When I first saw her I could tell there was a connection between us. She was so beautiful. The light cascading across her illuminated the entire room. My palms were sweaty, my heart beat became erratic. I kept asking myself ,could she be the one ? She was all I could think about. So I made some inquiries about her and shortly thereafter I made her my own. I guess you could say it was a case of love at first sight ! Also, the new $3 gold piece is pretty nice to have as well !!!! bumpit.gif

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