New Morgan purchases, your thoughts........

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The 8TF does have it's share of chatter amplified by the ultra deep mirrors on the obverse. The rev. is almost PL, right at the edge and much cleaner than the obv. It's a VAM10 as well. The 83CC I didn't expect to win, the last thing I need is another 83CC but it does boast pretty decent mirrors. I can read text clearly from 14" away. TIA :)







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1. 63 (star if its NGC graded)


2. 62PL (up to 63+PL if it's a GSA). Could be dmpl but very hard to tell this from pics, even if they're of best quality.


Both seem to be very nice coins!

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I think the 1878 is but an MS 62 with the chatter and ample rim issues.


The 1883 CC is a solid coin with the PL (or better)surfaces but an MS 63 for the cheek and the chatter.


I'd still be proud of them both.


* And did I mention the die cracks?





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