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Odds and ends: WLH Necklace, 5-Coin Mercury Set, 1927 $2.5 Gold, Bulk Proof Sets

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Most of my collection is going to GC to finance various projects I'm working on. These are a few remaining odds and ends I'd be willing to sell here. Many I'm not sure of the value of, so feel free to make an offer if you like.

Any payment types accepted. Shipping will be delayed for checks to clear unless you have an established history here. Shipping is included for anything over $50; add $2.25 first-class (up to 13 ounces) / $5.35 priority mail otherwise. Returns within 7 days are fine except on bulk items; you pay for shipping. Please ask if you have any questions.

Classic coins / miscellaneous:

* Walking Liberty necklace (1943), colored. $25. This has been hanging on my wall for decades now. :) The chain is 24" long and I believe is sterling silver (the clasp says 925). The silver components are a little more tarnished (er, toned) than they look in the pictures. The coin's surface has a sort of sandblasted texture under the coloring. The plastic capsule is a little scratched, but it may be a normal Kointain holder, in which case I could supply another one; ask if you want me to check.


* 5-coin Philadelphia Mercury dime short set, in flips. $50. (They're not in the Capital holder shown any more, and this is for only the P issues, but these are the only pictures I have on hand. Click to open them full size.) I don't really have a clear idea of their value, but I'm going with $10 each.


* Mostly complete clad Roosevelt dime set to 1992. Business strikes mainly circulated, missing only 1973-D, plus all proofs from 1970 - 1992. $75. My grandfather assembled the set. They're in plastic slides taken out of his album, but you'll probably want to find better holders for them. There's some haze on the proofs; I think the slides are vinyl. A few are toned a pretty bluish color.

* 1927 $2.5 Indian, NGC AU 58. $340. I bought this a good while ago and submitted it myself. Pretty frost on the Indian's neck.


* 1976-S bicentennial silver mint set. $40. Set of three coins, all from the same original set.


Bulk proof sets:

* Group of partial 2013-2014 clad proof sets I ordered from the mint (I bought them for a few of the quarters for themed sets I was making; this is what I haven't sold yet of the rest). $180. Most coins are in good condition, with a few typical minor defects as received (the nickels in this batch have a few more marks than usual). I could split these into lots by year if you prefer.

- 2013: (9) complete main lenses (5 coins each; 1 dollar coin has a spot and a scratch) + (2) partial lenses (the 3 clad coins only, see second picture, except one also includes a cent with a spot) + (2) very partial lenses (only the dime and nickel).

- 2014: (3) partial clad lenses (missing the cent) and (4) very partial silver lenses (with no silver coins left); see last two pictures.



* Several clad proof quarter rolls from 2012-2014; see my website or ask for details.

America the Beautiful quarters:

* Mint-sealed circulating-quality rolls:
  - 2012-S Chaco (PL3). $35. (two available)
  - 2012-S Hawaii (PL7). $35.
  - 2013-P-D-S White Mountain 3-roll set (TC2). $55.
  - 2013-S White Mountain (WC5). $25. (two available)


5 ounce silver America the Beautiful bullion coins:

* Several PL / DMPL / DPL graded El Yunques and Chacos, listed in my other threads linked in my signature. The Chacos are really neat, with almost perfectly reflective obverses.

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