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Other than going from "broadsheet" to "tabloid" and moving the Trends section to a separate Coin Values magazine, I don't think they've really shrunk. An average issue still has about the same number of pages as it did a year or so ago (I just looked at one of my back issues).


Although, I have noticed that I find less interesting material in a typical issue than I did a few years ago - I prefer to think that it's not that Coin World has shrunk, but that I've "grown" as a collector grin.gif

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Howdy Hoot. Good info, thanks!

Hayden Tubbs:

What did Hoot say?


I think he is being sarcastic.lol


Hoot said, and I quote, "c". I fail to see the sarcasm in that.


I had to read this 5 times to catch what was going on here...then it was another 10 minutes before I could stop laughing long enough to post this.


This little "exchange" will go down as one of the funniest conversations I've ever had the pleasure to "hear" on this or any forum! I think NGC should lock this at the top for all posterity. 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif Am I the only one rolling on the floor?

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I'm sorry...maybe it's just me and maybe I read too much into who was talking to whom and about what but here is why I found it humorous.


Hoots mystic "c" is taken by Thing to be info and answers sarcastically with the thanks. Haydens question is answered by michael who (to me) is referring to Things response by saying he (Thing) is being sarcastic. Then RGT comes along and loops it back to Hoots "c" as not being sarcasm when (again to me) it should have been a reflection on Things response.


At the time, it seemed liked a stand up routine with 5 characters, each having a one-liner and the last one (RGT) missing the point of the post by Thing and attributing it to Hoot.


Ah well, maybe I should avoid the hookah until after I read and post!!! Just kidding! And I hope RGT finds no offense in my dry wit, 'cause none intended!

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I certainly take no offense. I was just glad someone thought the whole thing was funny. Often my attempts at humor fall on deaf eyes (or something like that).


It's usually my wit that is too dry for many people to catch. It has gotten me in trouble a few times over the internet where facial expressions can't be seen and things are taken the wrong way. frustrated.gif

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But, but what the heck does Hoot's mystic "C" really mean? Well, it could be EVP's IQ but 100 would be just a tad too generous. insane.gif J/K. EVP. 27_laughing.gif

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I just tried to log on to CW's message boards and it says that its "no longer functional"


Theres usually not much there anyways, but I try to check in every now and then.

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