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"Unaffiliated" Purchases--Just Because posted by Jackson

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Do you believe in love at first sight?


I have on my computer as one of the Favorites or quick links, an article reprinted by David Bowers from a very old issue of "The Numismatist."


The article has a wonderful old list of "The Ten Commandments of Numismatics"--I believe that I just broke number 4. I will add a link to the 10 commandment list/article when this appears on the chat boards.


Without changing windows for reference real quick, I believe Commandment #4 relates to staying focused on your collecting goals and avoiding "straggler" coins. ( it is evident that the "box of 20" idea of non-connected but lovingly selected coins as a collection does not work for these commandments.)


I cannot deny that the coin I just purchased and received has no place in any of my sets and will join a host of others that I own which will never appear in the registry.


You see, my hunt for an attractive, MS67 1947-D Walking Liberty Half continues. I search national auctions, ebay, webpages etc etc..I just have been unable to find one at what I consider a fair price and with the qualities I enjoy in this series--maybe I'm being foolish and the coin I desire and the price I can afford are not compatible at all.


My most recent purchase is a 1947-D, however it is even lower graded at MS65 than the MS66 I currently have listed as part of my set. Once I laid eyes on her however I had that "wow" thing happen to me. That thing that only fellow numismatists can understand when we glance upon a shimmering, lustrous piece of well struck coinage--one with rainbows and patina of aging gracefully but somehow maintaining its underlying radiance. The kind of coin that you leave out for weeks before finally placing it in the safe/storage/deposit box with your other coins which you only bring out for the occasional perusal and enjoyment.


It has been 2 weeks since her arrival. I have tried in vain to capture her skirt lines and strike as well as the shimmering gold, green and deep amber adornment. Oh well, I guess I can only present a semblence for you of what I get to behold in hand...sometimes we purchase coins simply because the look stirs in us the very core reason we started collecting in the first place. That is reason enough for me.



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A link to the "Numismatists Ten Commandments"--and it turns out that I broke the 3rd commandment, not the 4th...also, I added a different picture of the coin's obvertse. This gives you an idea of the struggle I've always had with imaging walkers--to show skirt lines and strike details, often I have to position the light at a lower angle to the coin to have a concave/convex contrast...but this in turn causes areas around the rims ( particularly slabbed coins) to shadow and darken and I will lose the rainbow or toned rim beauty---as Gary says, try, try again...






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Nice Walker----Beautiful tone with a solid strike. I have no problem picking up a coin in a numerically lower slab, b/c of the quality.


Sometimes, you gotta remind yourself to collect coins and not insert numbers.


Thanks for posting the QDB article. It was fun to re-read that again.


Edited to add: I DON'T think that you broke commandment #3, as it refers to "straggler" or "junk coins". This coin is NEITHER. You are a SPECIALIST and it DOES fit your collection nicely and you are smart enough to realize this, even if it is a duplicate or a slightly lower grade than your used to. :thumbsup:

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Very pretty Walker, really like the "bulls eye" circular toning effect.


Totally agree on setting goals and eliminating random purchases.


When collectors impulsively buy individual coins without establishing a collection identity I call that the JBC syndrome, "Just a Bunch of Coins"


Cheers !



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Hi Jackson!


All I have to say is WOW! (thumbs u That coin must look spectacular in the hand. Incidentally, I still have the MS-65 44-D Walker you sold me and I absolutely love it. You have always had a good eye for Walkers.


Recently, in a try, try, again moment I went through many of my sets to re-image the coins with pictures of which I wasn't quite happy. The 44-D Walker was one of those coins. Therefore if you don't mind I'll post the new pictures of the 44-D that snap, crackle, and pop!





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Hey Jackson,

First off, the toning on that coin is killer!! I love it! That's a very nice Walker....everything a nice MS Walker should be, I'd say!! And there's nothing wrong with a nice MS 65.....like Walkerfan said, we collect coins, no insert numbers and labels. I think sometimes people participating in Registry collecting can forget that, and that's a sad thing. A great coin is a great coin, regardless of what the label says and how many points it scores you.


And....I've been guilty of breaking the straggler coin commandment a time or two myself, but I'm actually glad that I have. If I hadn't done it in the past, I wouldn't have found my way to the most important and treasured collecting pursuits of the present time. In doing that, I learned what I loved and what I didn't and I gained a whole bunch of knowledge about a lot of coins that I've found useful for myself, my girlfriend and my friends and colleagues here on the Collector's Society. But I'm in total agreement with Rich.....it's so important to stay focused when you do find a pursuit you love or you may never finish and miss opportunities for those elusive dream coins that we all have. I've been there too, and it sucks.


Thanks for sharing your absolutely killer Walker!!



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Hi Jackson,


Nice purchase. These straggler coins are what I like to call my coins of opportunity. Sometimes a coin presents itself, and it's just too nice or too good of a deal to pass up. I've written journals about these experiences several times, most recently in High Grade MacArthur Commemoratives.


I try to stay focused, but picking up a straggler from time to time can be very rewarding. These coins often become some of my all time favorites.

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thanks everyone very much for the perspectives. I agree, we must not get too constricted with our collecting that we: pass up beautiful coins just because of the label, fail to open up for a chance at a new pursuit, or gain a coin that may be useful in dealings with another collector. At the same time we still need a focus that keeps some semblence of order or objective in our pursuits.


Gary- that Walker looks better now with your imaging talents than it ever did in my collection- the reverse luster glows in your pics.


Walkerfan, Mohak, Rich and Coin928--thanks very much for your replies. I sincerely value the honest input of fellow collectors, especially those with the experience ad knowledge in our hobby that you gentlemen have.

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