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here's something REALLY rare.. when's the last time you came across

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a positive eBay post? :grin:


so I know most people on coin forums across the net are not big fans of eBay.. from the eBay nicknames, through shill bidding, to fakes & counterfeits..

I must admit that while eBay IS frustrating at times, i just LOVE buying coins on eBay.


here's one good reason that makes it worth it for me





these are my earned eBay bucks for this quarter (on this account. i've gotten the max $500 on my other account as well).

the "frenzy" 13% eBay bucks special they had recently, filled up both in no time.

they had deals like (I'm not spamming, I'm not selling or work for eBay) iPhone 5C or Samsung S5 at a deep discount, so just by ordering a $500 phone for a friend off the eBay deals page, i got $65 in eBay bucks..

in the four days, Monday - Thursday, I've earned ~$650 on both account combined, just by ordering mess for friends and customers (on some I even turned a small profit).

the $430+ eBay bucks coupon sure sweetened this purchase for me..


what did YOU do with your eBay Bucks? post in comments!




seller's pics are not great...


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Reverse the O and U, or some people are going to start to talk...... :banana:


that took me a little while to find lol

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On most items that you purchase through eBay, there is an eBay Bucks value assigned to it. That such as a rebate or cash back rewards program.


If you buy enough stuff they can add up quickly.



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What are ebay bucks and how do you get them? Just curious!


It's a program you can enroll in, on eBay.


You earn $1 for every $50 you spend on ebay (just 2%), except for items in certain categories such as bullion, real estate etc.. It seems like a little, but it runs for 3 months at a time, so they add up real nicely..


Once every 3 months, if you earned a total of $5 or more, you're issued a coupon in the amount of your earned "eBay bucks" that you can spend on anything you'd like, on eBay.


From time to time, there are special promotions. Last month promotion was that for a limited time, if you win any $150+ item in an auction, or any $150+ item from the features daily deals items, you get to earn 13% "bucks" on your purchase instead of just 2%. I took advantage of that! And ended up with a $430 coupon that I used to pay for most of my bust half I posted above :)

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