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Desirable Coins?

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the ten most collectible federal issue coins


pre 1916 proof type coins with great color and/or strong non toned cameos


1) copper coinage

2) nickel coinage

3) silver coinage

4) gold coinage


pre 1916 business strike type coins original white thick skinned and/or with great color


5) copper coinage

6) nickel coinage

7) silver coinage

8) gold coinage


9) late date walkers in gem mintstate with great color


10) proof buffalo nickels with great color






ten rarest HISTORICAL GREAT STORIED american coins


1) gem proof classic head half cents fully original with good mirrors and cameo red brown/red especially so the 1834 date


2) 1878-cc gem mintstate seated quarter with great original color struck with a cancelled obverse die


3) gem proof braided hair half cents that have original mint tissue blue color even on both sides


usually many braided hair proof half cents have this particiular shade of blue color in varying degrees that sits on top of the mirrors and this is from long term storage in mint tissue paper and if you have seen enough of these coins and particiular nunance of color and have experience as such it is easy to reconise and verify


again many proof braided hair haklf cents have this color and it is really beautiful BUT as with proof copper coinage of the 19th century to get one that is even blue color both sides is a major rarity 893whatthe.gif


also the particiular blue color is usually and site on top of not only the mirrors but the coin is basically a rich chocolate brown with this blue on top


4) gem proof indian head cents with celery green color with the usual blue highlights this is onw of the rarest colors for a proof indian cent


5) gem proof ultra/deep cameo 1871 three cent nickel

one of the worst made years of the proof three cent nickel series to get a proof 1871 three cent nickel with deep clear clean mirrors with little to no problems in the planchet and also deeply frosted on the devices would be rarer than any 1804 dollar or 1913 liberty nickel


6) any gem proof post 1902 ultra/deep cameo barber quarter


7) any superb gem proof deep/ultra cameo seated dime


8) any gem proof deep/ultra cameo trade dollar


9) 1874 trade dollar ms64-65 with a thick original skin and white


10) gem proof original think skinned colored 1862 seated dime



there are many more of both categories but this is a good start


one of the better threads started on here thumbsup2.gif




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10 desired coins?

1)1792 1/2 Disme

2)1927D St. Gaudians

3)Siam Set, including 1804 $1

4)Early Strike 1794 MS 1794 $1

5)Chain Cent

6)Brasher Gold

7)1885 Trade $1

8)1943 Copper Cent

9)1933 St. Gaudians

10) Any circulation issue 1870-S coin

11)my favorite Morgan in my collection

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