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Question about an auction house posted by us navy vet

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Greatcollections has anyone here used them?


Hello Fellow collectors, And a very happy 4th of July....

I have many doubles and coins with no place in my collection. so I find myself needing to sell these coins at the highest possible price. I was thinking of sending them off to greatcollections on consignment as I don't have the time to type the list of coins I have for sale and post them here.

My main question is has anyone here ever used this company to sell or buy coins? any comments good or bad would be very useful

Happy Collecting And May God Bless....Mike


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I think Ian Russell (owner) does a great job at presenting and auctioning off the coins he gets from us!! Timing is the best choice you will make!! "I think"Summer is the wrong time. :)

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Welcome to the boards here Mike! I have used Great Collections for both buying and selling and have always been satisfied. Recently there has been a thread on these boards that deals with Great Collections at length. I think you will find it interesting. Once again welcome and all the best!




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I find GC to be one of the best for customer service and fees. They allow you to pay over time for invoices over $1000 and the fees are amazingly cheap. 1% a month interest. WOW


and NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER for the first 30 days! :applause:


their costumer service is why I'm a repeat costumer, and also just sent them coins to sell for me for the first time!

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I like GC a lot. Legit folks, good service. 10% buyer's commission gives you a shot to be aggressive with bids. I buy on their site frequently.


i agree that they are a fine venue to buy/sell at,


but how does the relatively low buyers premium affect your bids or the way you bid?? (shrug)


my bids stay the same whether the BP is 0%, 10%, or 50%. you need to commit the exact same total bid, just adjust the number you type in the box


if you wanna pay a maximum of $1,000 , then you'd bid $1,000 (eBay) / $910 (GC) / $850 (HA).. etc etc.. but the bid is the same bid

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