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Request for information for 'Mint Sets holder' value

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Hello and thanks in advance,



I have recently uncovered several mint set holders. I would like to know something about them before making a go/keep decision.


These bi-fold fold cases/holders:


-are made of wood

-covered in a faux leather material

-each fold has a glass cover held in by 3 flat head screws on the sides and 2 on the top

-each fold/side has two years, the one i am look at has 1936 1937 on the left and 1938 1939 on the right

-each year has a spot for a 5 coins from what i believe to be each mint from the time. P S D. 1938 S does not have a spot for the largest coin (half dollar?)

-the coin holder area looks to be painted wood with hand painted years and mint ids

-has two metal external hinges and an ornate close/lock



Any information about origin, manufacture woudl be appreciated.



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Sounds like a nice custom holder from a collector of the era. The Mint did not issue coins in any special holders in the years 1936-39. During those years, the Mint usually placed the coins in a cellophane wrapper and stapled it shut. If you wanted a particular box, etc., you had to supply the Mint with it (walk it in or mail it in) or place the coins in something speical after the coins were sold to you via the mail.



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