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Continental dollar on Ebay posted by Skeester

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Thought better, but could I have been wrong?


Sold on Ebay yesterday for $380. I wondered about the pitting first off. Was this environmental damage? I did a little research on this coin and it being struck in pewter, and the others that I did see that did have environmental damage did not look like this.Also, I did ask if there was writing on the side...or the word copy, and the seller said no. But is there a different type of environmental damage that could have caused this? A few years back, I did buy a 1943 copper off Ebay...it was copper, but counterfeit. Always nice to give the secret service a call to pick up a penny and Ebay to withdrawal the funds back from the seller!



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I have something that looks remarkably like your photo. I don't recall where I got it - perhaps a coin show or some historical park, maybe 40 years ago. I know it's not genuine. It is not as detailed as the real thing. Seeing your post, I'll have to try to find it again after all these years!


- time passes -


I found it. It does actually look similar in terms of the overall appearance, but has grown some crud inside its 2x2, and it has a couple flaws yours does not. And as I wrote earlier, for an unworn looking piece, it just doesn't have the detail that a real example would have. Compare with auction archive photos at Heritage. It's a neat little thing to have, but I would be shocked if it's worth even 1% of that $380.



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This is an obvious fake, not worth $3.80. Why?


1. Mushy details


2. Font is too thick


3. Has appearance of a cast counterfeit


4.Edge is wrong


When in doubt...STOP, either call someone who knows or look at the coin on Heritage Auction archives.




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