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SOLD Bulk Pennies - Wheat - Memorial - Rolls - 14.2 lbs or 2071 Pennies

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I tried to sell these to someone asking for them but I guess they thought Face + Shipping in a USPS Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box was too much money.


After tiring of the back and forth, and then realizing what they are getting for just 1,000 pennies on ebay, I figured I would just list them here for anyone else to make a buck or two off of them.


I based the number of pennies on 3.1 grams per penny and the following equation:


453.592 grams = 1 lb

Wheat Penny Average Weight: 3.1 gram


14.2 lbs of pennies X 453.592 = 6,441 grams / 3.1 = 2,077 pennies




$20.00 face value on the pennies.


I am selling these Shipped and Paypal now for $45.50

















The old brown New Jersey rolls are 1955's and 1955-D's mostly. The one roll that is untouched has wheat reverse on both ends so I do not know for sure what year and mm it is but I believe it is also 55 as well.


The red half rolls are labeled for year and mm. These were/are BU in those rolls. I just got tired of searching them. The brown New Jersey rolls that are partially searched were just taped to maintain the remainder in the roll. I consolidated all the pennies and rolls into the APMEX box and it is essentially slap full.


The following penny is one of the pennies, out of two that I did keep from my search before tiring and just storing the boxes in my safe. I thought it looked good with the die polish lines and color.







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I had already sold them and marked them as SOLD at 9:28 AM .... Sorry you missed them.



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