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Interesting ATS Thread

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You would of had the same learning experience if it was brought out BEFORE the auction and discussed in a public forum, rather than after.


If he had publicly disclosed this before given his interest in the piece as a potential pattern, he would have been accused of impropriety.


For whatever it us worth, THANK YOU Mr. Snow. It's sad that no good deed goes unpunished.


After reading this entire thread, I think your post sums it up the best.


As soon as Rick saw the piece, he had a conundrum. Like Mark F. stated early in the thread, there were pros and cons to going in either direction. To be seen as impartial, I think Rick played it exactly right.


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I missed all the excitement. :cry:


Oh well, the one thing that we should all live by is never buy a coin from an auction sight unseen. Get a second opinion (CAC) and have an expert (Legend) look at the coin beforehand and represent you for a few extra percent. That way you will be steered clear of less than desirable or problem coins. (thumbs u


f'ing hilarious!!!! :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:





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Good thread here and read some of the one ATS.


I have purchased coins via an image. When the coin arrived it had some problems. Such as hair or a piece of food inside the holder. One of the problems purchasing by images alone. I sent the coin back to the grading service under the guarantee. The grading service fixed the problem and returned the coin or kept it and reimbursed me for it.


My opinion is that whoever finds the problem is responsible for fixing it. I would have let Legend know about the problem as soon as it was discovered. Laura may not have known about the problems with this coin. Did she look at every coin in the sale? Whoever wrote the Lot Description should have been knowledgeable enough to see the problems and tell Laura about it. Hopefully she would have removed the lot for it would have been too late to change the description at the point that Rick noticed it.


Just my two cents.




Did these slabs with food or hair carry the CAC sticker?





These were slabbed before CAC was in existence.

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