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Petition to get eBay to make Copy required in the auction title

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'eBay has zillions of auctions running at once, and therefore they cannot monitor everything! They count on users like you to point things out to them." The following

link is as far as your petition will go.

Sure, they could require a seller to follow the suit of the petition but then again we're back to square one, who is going to read through every auction to monitor such?

If ebay were able to monitor every kind of item that's prohibited for sales through their website what expertise would ebay use to make the decisions neccesary to pull an auction? In other words, how would they know whether an item was fake or real. It's common sense to assume that ebay has countered this problem many times before especially from those buyers who have been misled into thinking that an item was real but later learn that it's a fake. Ebay's only answer to this petition will not be any different from the answer they have given before to thousands of similar complaints, 'they can't monitor everything, that they depend on you, the custumer, to report any kind of fraud and illegal items for sale on their website.

I'd imagine, coming up with a foolproof solution for such problems would go much futher then to inform ebay about something they could right volumes on!


Not to turn this thread into something of my own agenda but let's send these TGC's the message that MS65 and higher graded coins must be fully struck! 27_laughing.gif


Later, Leo

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