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More Good Stuff on Friday by Electric Peak Collection

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There was more to my Friday at the Baltimore show...


As I wrote last time, I intended to go to the LSCC and EAC meetings at the Baltimore show. The LSCC was at 9 Friday morning, and the EAC will be this afternoon at 1.


The LSCC meeting was pretty standard, with club news and a presentation. With the long-time president of the club and editor of the club journal stepping down this year, we're in transition. One of the changes is that the Gobrecht Journal will start having color. A sample was passed around.


The presentation was about various coin and medal dies that are in private hands. The back story: About ten years ago, a dealer bought a CC seated half dollar reverse die at auction (for nearly $19,000), and promptly sold it to David Sundman of Littleton Coin Co. Mr. Sundman recently sought out club member and seated half expert Bill Bugert to see if the die could be identified with a particular date and variety. It turns out that it is the first reverse die used to produce CC seated half dollars! Mr. Sundman had the die (in a nicely prepared, informative display) there for us to look at, and later at the Littleton table.


A week or so ago, our CS friend RichH contacted me, saying he would be at the meeting, and gave me what proved to be a good description of himself. When the meeting was over, I spotted him and introduced myself when he finished speaking with someone else. We had a nice chat. It's good to be able to put a face - and a voice - with a name. I'm looking forward to talk with him more in the future. After all, there's more to our hobby than just the coins. And it's refreshing to talk with someone who has a passion for what we do. (Many other LSCC and EAC members are happy to chat and share knowledge too. If you have any interest in those specialties, I encourage you to join those clubs!)


I did a little more experimentation with the iPhone and clip-on magnifier last night. Here's a shot of the 1861/0 half dime about which I wrote no too long ago. Enjoy...





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I'm going to have to join LSCC one of these days, maybe I will next month at the Central States Numismatic Society show. Additionally, I have been given the honor of having a link to my custom set, "The Use of Seated Imagery in Numismatics" published in the January 2014 edition of the E-Gobrecht.


I'ts a real treat to meet up with people you only knew from on-line. I know both RichH and yourself from online but I imagine it wouldn't take me to long to strike up a conversation with either of you. It didn't take me long to strike one up with Yankeejose at the ANA show last year.


Thank you for your reports on the Baltimore show. Reading of your show experiences only gets me excited for the CSNS show next month in Schaumburg.


Enjoy the rest of the show!


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I'm very curious about your iPhone attachment. Please keep us informed on your experiments. I imagine it could be useful in the situation that you described in your last post when you wanted to compare two coins from different vendors, if you could not arrange to view them side-by-side.


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Just got back from Baltimore late yesterday after a long and tedious ride in the rain.


I had arrived in Baltimore mid afternoon Thursday, checked-in at the Holiday Inn & got to the Convention Center a bit before 4 PM. I always like staying there as 1-you get a discounted Show rate, 2-its only 2 blocks from the CC and 3- many dealers and collectors can be found in the lounge post hours and you can network easily, this time while watching the NCAA tournament.


Although the show is only open to 6PM I try to get a lot done in those 2 hours including registering/badging so I don't have to stand in line on Friday, and visiting with a couple of dealers that had held a few coins for me.


What was amazing was the US Mint line, it stretched from a side entrance door almost up the steps in the lobby. One collector I chatted with said he was on line for 4 hrs + and said that one of telemarketing companies was offering $500 over the cost of the gold commems. There was some confusion as to the coins being sold out, but I think the mint brought X amount with them to the show, and the gold pieces (possibly the silver) they brought were sold. Later I confirmed not a sellout as I was able to go on-line and order an Unc gold which is on back order for April delivery. NOTE: The Mint did subsequently sell out of the gold coins by 12 PM Eastern Stanard Time Friday.


I would like to know what these coins will be re-sold at, my feeling is big telemarketing ripoff.


On Friday I arrived at the LSCC meeting at 9AM. As Alan mentioned this club is packed with extremely knowledgeable collectors that are willing to share their in depth knowledge. I had a great conversation with Alan and was very glad that we met as I am a great admirer of both his collection and coin acumen.


The bourse was active for both days and I had a nice show both buying and selling.


The one area that I took note of was the amount of Civil War Token dealers and how hot this market has become.


Well that's it for now, I wish everyone continued success in their coin journeys.


Cheers !




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