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$1 Gold - Once Again Different Pictures

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I have compared this coin to Photograde ATS, and the ANA Grading Standards, and compared to another couple of examples that I have found and this coin just seems to be more than a AU-53


I have better pictures (compared to my pictures before that were blurry) and although they are small does this not look more like a AU-55 or even possibly a AU-58?


I am keying in on the hair - not only the detail in the curls but the hair details under the LIBERTY tiara as well as the strike on the stars.





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To be AU 50 there should be no more than a trace of wear on the headband and nearly full luster according to the red/blue book. The wear in the hair seems just a bit excessive for AU 55 but I think the luster breaks are the biggest reason it misses.


It's still a great original coin!!

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Luster is one of the keys to grading these coins. The pictures of this one make it look a bit dull although I do see some mint surface in the protected areas.


From what I can see, I think that AU-53 is perhaps a bit generous, and I don't see how this coin could grade higher. It simply has too many marks, too much wear and not enough luster.


The AU gold dollars I have are all from the Charlotte and Dahlonega mints, but since a couple of them as well made, they can serve as examples. This 1853-D is a very nice AU-58.




This 1853-C gold dollar is a NGC graded AU-55.




Both of these coins have a good amount of luster, which is a requirement for the higher AU grades.

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I thank you both for the opinions.


I was considering hanging on to this one even though it is lower grade. Just thought, with the clearer pictures, it may have been a keeper.


I guess it is really to late for me to hang on to it anyway since it has been bid up already.


Thaks again.



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