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Boston/Bay State show report

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Overall this was a very busy show. Much busier than in the spring, with plenty of activity noted from virtually everyone we talked with.


Thursday evening was brisk with a wide variety of material being scooped up. Raw, slabs, type, and of course gold. Gold was VERY active for virtually everyone that deals in it. I was able to buy a few nice coins along with the selling, so that always helps.


Friday was another busy day with plenty of activity. A bit surprising as snow came down and although the main roads/highways were clear, the side roads were a bit icy/messy. Went into the morning hoping for the best because of that. I think foot traffic was better than expected considering the weather. We weren't crazy busy but busy enough where sitting down for more than a couple of minutes wasn't an option. Later in the afternoon there were a few dealers who were VERY actively buying higher grade type and by the way they were running around, I know they had a great day and were looking to reload, so to speak.


Saturday was pretty much llike a mild hurricane. Very, very active with plenty of foottraffic. Didn't stop until 4pm or so. Very exciting to be quite honest. I think the most exciting part about doing shows right now is that almost every area of the market is quite active. It's not just certain segments. Another thing that has seemed to pick up is coins coming in the door via retail traffic. Plenty of old collections, partial collections and "stuff" was brought, or seemed to be anyway, to the show to sell. I would imagine the recent pluses of gold and silver have a lot to do with that.


Sunday turns into a fleamarket of sorts at the show, so I bailed out on Saturday evening. Overall it was an excellent show despite the "off" weather and the odd "construction" of walls in the hall that seperated the bourse into different "sections". That was the strangest thing I've ever seen, and one of the "sections" was quite small, almost like a small living room with a few dealers tables set in there, and I wouldn't have been too happy to have been stuck in there. I believe a change of room design is in store for next year, but this has always been a less than ideal location for this show, if you're a dealer setting up.


I met up with the usual crew of board members that hit teh Westford Ma. and Nashua N.H shows and also had the privelage of meeting Dennis from JadeRareCoin. They seem to have quality inventory and Dennis seemed to be very personable. I would think he was running on fumes though as I KNOW he posted information on a show he did down south last week so he's been on the road a bit.


If I think of anything else I'll add it in later.

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As many of you know, Dennis is my old business partner. We split up the company at the beginning of this year due to logistics (he's in Grand Rapids, MI and I'm in St. Louis, MO), not to mention that the multi-state tax situation was an enormous headache.


We are still the best of friends and have been since Kindergarten. Dennis is just about the hardest-working coin dealer I know!


Dennis' website is http://www.JadeRareCoin.com .


Thanks for the great show report!



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