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Leos pickiness is rubbing off on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like to peruse the Heritage auctions looking for Jeffersons in the older NGC slabs but because they didn't have a full 6 steps, they didn't get the FS label. And as there is an abundance of NGC Jeffs up right now, I checked almost all of them using the zoom feature.


Even tho they were all of recent slabbing (ANA/PNG endorsements on the back), I still checked them. But in doing so, I couldn't help but notice the strike of the reverse when I zoomed in on the steps. I simply could not believe the lack of even a good strike let alone a strong one! It was hard enough to see any pillars let alone any window outlines! And the same held true for the obverse as many exhibited MDS to LDS strike characteristics with flattened hair near the ear, flattened cheek, cliff edge under chin instead of a round drop to the field, lack of hair and queue detail , on and on.


Check any of them for yourself! I just couldn't find any Jeff worth bidding on! All are 1-3 pts over-graded! Sorry, NGC! I sort of expect this from PCGS but you.....???? confused.gif


Heritage Jeffs


Are my standards too high or have I been listening to Leo too much (NOT a bad thing!) or am I just right, or all of the above?!?!?

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