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1965 SMS -MS68UC "registry players!!!".... finest known pop 1!!!

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I have a MONSTER SMS Kennedy, and I have decided to test the market waters...


I am talking about the FINEST KNOWN, POP 1..

1965 SMS Kennedy.... NGC MS68ULTRACAM!!! The only 1965 SMS Kennedy to grade MS68UC.


I am relatively new to the forums here, in fact, this is my first ever post... I would be so thankful to anyone who could give me any insight about the ins and outs of something like this. Is it possible to say, solicit a coin like this specifically to people who I could see being the most interested in it? For instance, by sending a PM, or email to some of the highest scoring registry set owners via this forum? (sets that include the 1965 SMS Ken) and if so, would those of you w/alot of expirience here consider that intrusive or totally fine to inquire about or what? I don't want to limit myself by not reaching potential interested parties, but I also don't want to cross any boundaries, or ruffle any tale-feathers either... Any and all insight, guidance, feedback, suggestions, etc... would be so greatly appreciated.


Thank you kindly



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Actually, even the NGC cert # would help as well, as there may be an online photo there as well. I see NGC Coin Explorer does shows one 1965 SMS in 68UCAM. Has this coin just recently been graded?


I am among the top Registry Set participants and I occasionally do receive solicitations for top-grade coins directly from sellers. I do not find it intrusive in the least, but I don't know how others feel. But you don't have a lot of creds yet on these boards, as you realize.


I would think if you are trying to get major exposure for a coin like this that you would do fine going through one of the major auction houses. Heritage, GreatCollections come to mind, as well as some of the big dealers in moderns, for example James Sego of JMSCoins.com or Rick Tomaska of RandICoins.com.


Good luck!



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