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william moulton coin 1776

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I have a coin with 1776 on one side and W M on the other I beleive it to be the real thing but after reading about it I need authentication.
If you think you have a New Hampshire copper as described in the Red Book, you might find someone able to help you over in the U.S. Coins forum.


In any event, authenticating a coin in hand is often difficult, authenticating a coin from a clear picture ranges from very difficult to virtually impossible, and authenticating a coin from a partial description is absolutely impossible.


The Red Book says that "a rare struck piece with large initials WM on the reverse" is "of doubtful origin".


The CoinDoc website says:

In 1776 William Moulton was commissioned by the New Hampshire State House of Representatives to make copper patterns for a proposed state coinage. The pattern most known shows a Pine Tree on the obverse and a harp on the reverse (Garret sale in 1980: $13,000.)


Other patterns include a hand engraved piece and a piece with the large initials WM on the reverse. These pieces may not be the work of Moulton.


A Google search for "William Moulton Copper Coin" has 507 hits.


If I had strong reasons to believe that I had a genuine Moulton, it would be on its way to the ANA for authentication by registered, insured mail.

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