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The 1950-P Jefferson Nickel posted by James G. Berline

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The Mintage in this year was low, and finding any with a nice strike with five fullsteps are very scarce. There hasn't been any six fullsteps found to date.


Having just recently pulled out my raw Jeff-collection I wanted to see if any of these nickels were going to qualify for Ngc' strict grading methods, especially in the fullstep area.

Sending in(5)coins a couple weeks ago,I have recieved these back and I wanted to share this one particular Jefferson nickel to you.


The 1950-P was the best of the lot, grading out at MS66+FS. Most collectors were focused at that time on the 1950-Denver seeing as how it was the lowest mintaged Jefferson in the series. They were overlooking the 1950-Phildelphia altogether. For years it was ignored until collectors started taking that second look' at this mintdate as it was far more elusive than the Denver Jefferson.


High mintstate coins with smooth fields on both sides of the coin is difficult enough,searching out what few may exist in fullstep is very challenging. The top two grading services

together only (153) made fullstep with(37)in this grade, only (6) higher thru Ngc.





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Hi Jim,


That is a rare one for sure. I am turning green with envy. I also have one raw that I will be sending off for grading tomorrow but I don't believe it will hit 66, imo it is a 65 and should recieve the 5FS designation.


It is nice to see other collectors look for the Jeffersons in FS.



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James and Doug,

You are surely not alone in the great hunt for nice FS nickels. I plow through hundreds of mint sets per year only to find a few nice nickels for the troubles.


Nickel Insanity!!! (thumbs u

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Good Morning Doug and Rick!


Nice to hear from my fellow Jefferson collectors, any yes' trying to find higher than this in grade and steps, are rarer than hens teeth. I was hoping to get a fullstep count on my other two coins> Two 1939-D reverses' these were very possible of also getting fullsteps' however' just short of it. The Rev of 38 graded out a Ms66+ and the Rev of 40 ended up a MS66. That just goes to show you Ngc has this down to a science' very professional in their work.

Doug' I'm hoping you get a high grade with your raw Jeff showing fullsteps with it. Rick' all I can say bud' just keep going at it, law of averages will eventually be in your favor someday 'when you least expect it.

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Congrats Jim, that is an awesome grade for a full step 1950-P Jefferson. I believe that NGC has only graded 2 higher than yours in the MS67 5FS grade. I have an MS66 5FS in my collection which replaced an MS67 with no steps.


Most people have no idea how difficult it is to locate high grade full step early 50's Philadelphia Jefferson Nickels. Well done my friend, well done!



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