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The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals posted by DrDarryl

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Medals with Presidential provenance...


I finished writing my first numismatic book (the name of the book is the same as the title of this journal entry). The book is based on documents from the White House, US Treasury Department, and US Mint in Philadelphia. These documents were part of a working file belonging to a top military aide on President Eisenhower's White House Staff. The file was kept by the military aide. After his death, all his papers was passed to his son. After the son passed, all papers were turned over to the Dwight D. Eisenhower (D.D.E.) Presidential Library. In 2011, all papers belonging to the military aide completed processing into the library. In 2013, I obtained a copy of the file from the Presidential library. This means that the information presented here is relatively new to collectors. What information?


Under direction from the White House, 17 different medals were stuck by the US Mint in Philadelphia for use by President Eisenhower. Both Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro had designed the medals. To my knowledge, my book is the first to define/document the D.D.E. 17 medal series.


President Eisenhower presented these medals to deserving individuals in thankful recognition for service to our nation, the White House, or the Presidency. This Presidential provenance limits availability to collectors as these medals are treated as presidential heirlooms by the original recipient's family. Also, several of the medals were presented to foreign nationals during Eisenhower's multi-nation trips.


There are three classes of the medals: US Half-Dollar Size, US Silver Dollar size, and Inaugural Medal size. I have cataloged the 17 medals as DDE-01 through DDE-017. A total of 9,858 medals were struck at the US Mint in Philadelphia. 1,451 medals were destroyed before the end of President Eisenhower's 2nd term in office. 160 medals are part of the D.D.E. Presidential Library. A USSR, Philippines, Formosa, and Alaska medals were originally ordered and later cancelled.


DDE-02 is the rarest US half-dollar size medal with a population of 436. DDE-08 is the 5th rarest of the 10 US Silver Dollar size medals, with a remaining population of 267.


Look for the book and use the information to locate these medals with Presidential provenance.



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