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Modern coin panic update....................

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I was in a local bakery today buying bread. In walks in three coin collectors, all with wheelbarrels filled with modern PCGSPF70 DCAM statehood quarters. The collectors were trying to negotiate a price with the baker to buy bread for their families who were in dire need. Last I heard, the baker gave them two loaves each. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif What!!! , you say............Ahhh, not just any kind of bread, but buttermilk raisin bread. cloud9.gif





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I really like the crusty bread with olives baked right in. A loaf of that is definitely worth a few 70DCAMs. cloud9.gif



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Re: Modern coin panic update....................


.................Funny. In my dream 100 million states quarter collectors wake up one day and decide they want a set of all the coins in circulation. They discover almost in unison that no one could be bothered to save all those coins when they were issued and they are now only available in a few remaining proof and mint sets. The huge lines that descend on the coin shops have to be turned away because they sold their entire stock of one of each to the first guy who came in. Lines are so long that police have to use megaphones and drive to the end to inform everyone of the sell-out. Many just wait in the now shorter line to try to get on the reserve list or to buy folders for their pocket change.


In my dream this thread topic was:

Re: Modern coin buying panic update....................


I must have no imagination. My dreams tend to be much more realistic than many peoples'.

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