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newbie question: Buying direct from us mint

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I read the beginners thread and thanks to all that contributed. You all really enjoy collecting I can tell. I am very interested in Silver Proof Sets,Proof sets and rolls offered by the US Mint like








How is the value on these types of acquisitions? Are they worth it or are they a good investment? Any thoughts?

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Howdy redsoxnation, and welcome to the boards!


As for the Silver proof sets, the clad proof sets, and the state quarter rolls go, many of the 1999-present sets have been steadily increasing over time in value. Are they always going to? Probably not. History of mint and proof sets simply does not bear that out. And as for state quarter rolls, they are quite common and if or when people decide not to collect them, they will go flat in value. Many people have turned near-term profits with these things, but I would not hold my breath for the long-term.


As for your kids, I'd get them started with albums of modern pocket change items, like Lincoln memorial cents, Jeff nickels, Rossies, and Wash 25c. You can also put together a set of Kennedies in no time just by getting rolls from the bank. Dansco albums are great for this. Buy a Red Book.


Good luck!



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welcome to the boards


i myaelf would start to buy for you and your children nice clean eye appealling circ coins all 20 dollars to under 50 dollars or maybe less

braided hair large cents vf

middle date large cents fine

classic draped bust braided hair half cents vg to fine

flyers fine

copper nick indian cents xf

two cent pieces vf

three cent nicks and silver vf

shield nicks lib vf

half dimes bust to legend obv fine

dimes bust and lib seated fine

seated quarters vf

seated halves fine

barber dines quarters halves fine


this would be a good start


you get value foryour dollar and coins if you needed to sell them could probably get as much as you paid for them with great demand for them if you buy attractive eye appealing coins and they are historical and can be studied and they will grow on you


and again a great histroy lesson you can study these coins so many ways you will never tire of them


and in my opinion with little to no downside and maybe some good upside but at the very least little to no downside and again something that will have demand and be the desire of many who see this set




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Thanks to you and Michael for your response. Any recommendations on the best website or store to buy the Dansco albums in?


One more question as well, I have some state quarter sets from CSN that are Platinum and Gold coated and don't see the mint selling that type of coinage today. Is that something that was done for a limited time in the past? Do they have any value?



THanks again,


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Howdy redsox!


I have ordered several times from Amos Advantage and have been pleased with their service. Shipping is $5 no matter how much you buy. It's a good way to go. Another book that comes to mind that they sell is the COMPREHENSIVE CATALOG OF US COINS,2nd EDITION. It's full of good information and is cheap. Likewise, Coin Collecting for Dummies is a great book to get familiar with some of the basic concepts of collecting. There will be many books to follow these!


As for gold plated and platinum plated state quarters, they are considered basically worthless by numismatists. The plating is applied after the Mint and destroys the natural surfaces of the coins. They are novel, and if you or others like them, they can be conversation pieces, but don't look to see anything but a loss in value for them. Sorry if that stings a bit, but in the mainstream of numismatics you will find that serious collectors prize originality, originality, originality. Cleaned, coated, heated, soldered, repaired, or otherwise, coins of that ilk are generally not prized and are considered of little value.



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Welcome to the boards! hi.gif


I'm an ebay guy, so what else what I recommeded besides ebay. Just be very careful if you've never used ebay before, there are many good and honest sellers, but there are just as many that want to do nothing more than rip you off. If you do your research, start off slow and small and keep at it, ebay can be very rewarding, there are a lot of good deals out there. I think it can be a good place to start working on a lower end budget collection as well. In my opinion ebay has the largest and most extensive online gallery of coins and supplies.


I don't know what the rest of you folks think, but I would recommed looking into one of the "grab bag" deals. When I first started collecting I bought one for like $35. Ended up with like a roll of wheaties, a few indian heads, buffalos, mercs, stlq, barbers, pre 65 silver, and a morgan. Good - Fair coins, nothing rare, or valuable, but at the time it was like wow, look at all these cool coins, I was impressed, and looking back, yeah I got my moneys worth. I read alot of feedbacks from those sellers too that they make good (gifts if you wanna call them that) for kids who are looking into the hobby. It's a good way to get a start (cheap too) and see what is out there before making the bigger buys. And trust me if you get sucked in like the rest of us, it won't be too long until your making those big buys.


It's nice to see your getting your kids into it as well, it's a great hobby, and can be very educational, coins hold a lot of history. I would say pick a starting point, so your not jumping around too much and just start pieceing it together. The State quarters, and the new nickles are a great place to start, then just take it from there.


Good Luck, and don't be afraid to drop us questions or show off your purchases. We love to envy others collections. devil.gif

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