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I've been inspired!

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Well, in all the debate about the registry and competition, etc. I have decided I really like the registry for one reason, the chance to showcase my collection and share it with other who have or may potentially develop interest in what I collect. I am not in this for the glory of competition, since most of my coins are not even close to registry quality, in fact I don't thing I own a top graded specimen of any coin, and I have no desire to buy one. But I am proud to own each of the coins in my collection, otherwise I would have sold them! So some folks may look down on my sets, but others may be thrilled to see them, but either way I enjoy them and I want to share that enjoyment with anyone who wants to. That said, I have embarked on a mission to place photos and descriptions on the sets I really care about, my Saint-Gaudens double eagle set, and my various type sets. None of them are at the top of the competition, though some may be in the top 10 (I think my USA type set isn't even in the top 20!). My Saint set The North Coast Limited is not complete with photos (though there are some I may try to improve, my 1922 is a bit blurry on the reverse) and descriptions of each coin. My other type sets now have photos for the most part, and I will start to gradually add descriptions to the coins:

Hiawatha: USA Type Set

The Empire Builder: 20th Century Type Set

The Broadway Limited: Gold Type Set

The 20th Century Limited: 20th Century Gold Type Set

Putting these together and adding photos, and especially adding descriptions has been the most fun I've had with this hobby in a long while. The descriptions themselves are so helpful in actually learning about and describing a coin, as well as remembering the reasons and circumstances surrounding its acquisition. I would encourage those of you so inclined to try this out! It really doesn't matter if you are the "winner" in the registry game, the registry is really what you make of it. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to make them. I will keep adding descriptions and a few more photos, and will post when they are completed.


Just remember, for most of us, this is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be FUN!

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Completing all those sets would be an awesome accomplishment jtryka!


I read the article Arch. Registries are the new coin club of the Internet age, if I may paraphrase. I think of them more like the Whitman folder of the Internet age. I think of these forums as the coin club of the Internet age.



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I've found that adding pics and descriptions makes me look at the coins again. And isn't that the whole point? I mean, ultimately the coins are ours and we should enjoy them. And sharing them is a fundamental part of the hobby.


I was inspired to update my sets with descriptions and pix as well. It's a long project, but I have about 25% or so done. Maybe a little more. Of course, I have no idea who'll look at my sets or what they'll think. But hopefully another participant will see some nice pix. smile.gif



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Jeff, Arch, Carl, Neil, All, I am sooooooooo glad that this is happening! I love reading the descriptions. smile.gif I really consider the picture a support to the descriptions and not the other way around, since a picture will never "get it" for the coin.


I think that others should also list and link their sets here that have good descriptions!


Bring it on! I love to read the good set descriptions. (Arch, it might be nice to enlarge the text box for that in the Add/Manage Sets view).


Hoot's Bison bison

Hoot's Little Bison bison

Hoot's Classic Jeffs

Hoot's Long Jeffs

Hoot's Wartime Jeffs


(I'll be busy this weekend trying to fill the description gaps in my Jefferson nickel sets).



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I for one, enjoy the competition with you and many others that motivate me in the acquisition of coins for building these sets. I too will never have (probably) any Registry Grade coins to post in my sets. Although I do have two number one Type sets, they will not remain so in the future because they are not constructed of the highest grade coins available. However, for the present, I will take what I can get.


Type sets do present an opportunity for small collectors such as myself, to compete at a higher Registry level than with many denominational sets. By picking and choosing my areas of competition, I remain competitive on many of my 11 Registry sets.


I believe that I have mounted a stimulating atmoshere of competition with you and many others in building these sets. I derive pleasure from the chase, as much as the acquisition of coins for the sets. It does not much matter if the sets are number one or number 21 in the hierarchy. They still motivate me.


I am sure that we will compete in the future, so keep on trucking!


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I must say you're assembling some astonishing quality in your "Bison bison" set. The photographs and your commentary make the coins a pleasure to ogle!




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