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The weird adventure of an eBay purchase posted by jayh749

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It got lost in the mail.


O.k.. Here is a quirky story.

It all started in early December 2013. I purchased an NGC graded coin on eBay. This coin is not all that rare. Not valuable at all. It is a top graded canada pl nickel from 1973. The coin? A canada 1973 PL-68 nickel. Now. Since I needed it for my collection, I bought it. Purchase price $32.00 plus $15.00 shipping. I know it was close to Christmas, so I didn't expect much for the delivery time. On Jan. 6 I went onto eBay to track it. To my surprise, canada post said that it was "attempted delivery" on Dec. 20, but had to be sent back to the sort facility because I didn't receive it. That's weird. I recieve my mail at a UPS store. How could they not deliver it? So, on Jan. 6 I went to my postal outet. They gave me a 1-800 number to call. I went to the sort facility for my area. All the signs, the door said that they should be open, but they weren't. I figuared that I would go again the next day after work. I quit early on the 7 and went there. The "grizzly Addems" looking dude there was very helpfull. He left me waiting more than half an hour, only to come back to tell me that they didn't have it. He told me that the computer showed that they tried to deliver it on Dec. 21 (a Saturday) but failed due to a bad address . I showed him my eBay print out showing Dec. 20. We slightly argued about the address, as I have received close to 1000 things using this address. Anyway the outcome was that it had been sent back to the main sort facility for the city, and possibly also, back to the seller. He didn't know. He gave me a different 1-800 number to call. I kept trying the numbers but they were recieving " higher than normal call volumes" . So, on Jan. 8 I went off to the main facility. They were not really supposed to let me in, but after the gate sucurity called in, a person would meet me to try to help. After his computer checks, he told me that they didn't have it at all and I can now assume it to be lost. He could not let me into their secure area to show me the back log. He also said that the delivery service will send packages back to them if they get too overloaded at the other depot just to clear their books. O.k. I can't do anything. It's lost. I went home. My wife said to give here the 1-800 number. She finally got through and opened a lost claim and an investigation into it. I hadn't had a chance to get a hold of the seller, in the states. I would just wait for the postal investigation to get back to me.

On jan. 9 , I went to get my mail from my box. A couple of pieces of mail. Nothing special. then, just as I was leaving the store owner came to me with a package that she had had for a couple of days. She said that she had left a notice for me. Ya, right! Anyway, when I opened it? Low and behold! My coin had arrived. Hmm. No wonder the Canada postal service is going broke.


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Sounds like the same people that run the Texas mail service! It has taken me up to 18 days to get something to and from Texas to Missouri! And that is no joke.

Never figured out why.....

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