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Help me grade my Franklin Halves.....please :)

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Just picked these up at the flea Market and I picked the best 3 the seller had. I initially graded them each MS64 on site, but wanted some opinions from board members. I already checked out large scans on Heritage of PCGS MS64 and MS65 pieces and I was surprised at all of the scratches and reed marks allowed on both the 64's and 65's. I think at least 1 of these might go an MS65, but I will defer to the experts here........


I know it's tough to grade from scans or make out Full Bell Lines, but any help would be appreciated :ThumbsUp;



















I am not the best with capturing coin images, but these look to be fairly accurate, and hopefully large enough for you to grade from.

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It's really tough from the images, as you can imagine. I will say that the '57-D appears to be the nicest of the three, in my opinion and from these images only, and that it has the strongest bell lines as far as I can tell. It's also tough to tell what are marks and what are stray flecks of cardboard or some other debris.


I will guesstimate the grades as MS63 each.


I agree with you that there are quite a few coins with some nasty hits in NGC and PCGS MS65 holders within this series. It seems both services are forgiving of hits if the coin has original, US Mint Set toning on it. However, I don't agree with this practice. At this time I think PCGS likes the nasty looking Franklins more than NGC, though in the mid-'90s it was the other way around. The nasty ones, in my opinion, are those with muddy blue, brown and gold toning. Usually these are mid-'50s US Mint Set coins and they have little eye appeal to me.

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