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PCGS's one time offer for a FREE book is a crock of BS!

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Preferred custumer, my ! 27_laughing.gif See attachment!

They offer a one year membership at $99 and you're supposed to receive a certified silver ounce round 2004 American Eagle! But to get the free book, they ask you to make a choice! PCGS wants you to sacrifice the silver ounce to receive the free book. 893whatthe.gif Given, the silver ounce isn't worth much more then it's weight in silver but it's still $5.00 and they want you to ditch it for the book!

And here's another thing. With their 2 year membership, they knock off $21 but they also don't send you a second silver American Eagle. So, is the custumer paying $21 for that silver American Eagle in that one year membership?

And lastly, with the 2 year membership, they send you an outdated population report because that's exactly what I received when I subscribed two years ago and what use is it if your're already receiving the online version! It's certainly of no use to take along for a coin show! screwy.gif

So try this on for size DH! In the one year membership, for the first 500 (or whatever the number of books you have) or so custumers to resubscribe, give them the book freely!

Don't ask your potential custumers to give up the silver round and then turn around and say they're getting a free book! foreheadslap.gif

And I just did a web search and you can probably could find this book for $5! laugh.gif






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Yep, my PCGS collector's club membership was due last month but I chose not to renew myself. As far as choosing between the book or the ASE, hey, it is a business out to maximize their profits. It's like NGC and NCS conserving and grading the USS Republic's recovered coins, it is just business even though a smart numismatist would never touch the overpriced shipwreck effect coins.


On a good note, I did renew my ANA membership for another year. yay.gif They're not perfect either but I feel that is important to belong to the ANA in order to help consolidate the hobby. However, they do allow underhanded, bottom of the deck dealing individuals like EVP & Hoot join.... 893scratchchin-thumb.gifgrin.gif

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At least the silver round is better than a state quarter they used to give. I'll take the ounce of silver any day over pocket change.


As for the book, I thought the first edition did a decent job. They focused a little too much on grading mint state coins instead of circulated coins, but overall not bad. I purchased the second edition online ($7.95 from a dealer that sells out of date and dud seller books). I thought it stunk. I was looking for it to expand off the first book and ended up being really disappointed. If anyone wants to get this book, buy the first edition and avoid the second edition.


As for membership in the PCGS "club" I think I'll pass. yeahok.gif

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However, they do allow underhanded, bottom of the deck dealing individuals like EVP & Hoot join.... 893scratchchin-thumb.gifgrin.gif


Hey! i resemble that remark! insane.gif (They let me in for life!) As for EVP, I can't remember the last time he voluntarily joined. sumo.gif



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