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Road Trip... A visit to a coin shop.

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I packed up the car and went on a road trip. I planned to go to a dealers shop that I have seen in one of the coin rags as it was about 10 minutes from the place we were heading.


The location for the store was great, it was in a strip mall and you really couldn't miss it. From the outside it called for customers to come in, it beckoned me.


Once inside, it appeared to be a coin shop but there was something missing. Display cases! I was confused because in the coin rag, it appears he has a pretty decent selection....There really wasn't much of a selection... I thought: it's a Monday, perhaps there was a coin show and he didn't set his display cases back up... although it is later in the day. but I wondered if this was truly the way he setup the shop. I have to admit, I didn't get that first good impression.


Since I had the ad in hand, I asked him about a few coins he had listed. I asked about a 1932 Quarter in BU, he went into the back, came back empty handed "We're all out". I asked him about a few other BU coins, he went into the back, came out with a handful of AU coins...


Surely you can't be serious.... I am serious and stop calling me Shirley....


Just then a little gnome walked into the store with silver coins that he started looking at.


There was probably one coin out of the handful that I deemed worthy of a purchase, I came with cash in hand and hoped to get the coins I needed and possible check out what he had in his cases and spend more money. He was actually kind enough to give me a price sheet at one point, I asked about a coin on his list that was listed in BU which I believe was a 1942-D or S which was quoted at a reasonable price and when I asked him about it, he told me the price on it was like $100... I pointed out the price list and he said that since the price list was done, the coin mysteriously was in demand and that's the reason for the price increase HELLO?!!?


I really wanted to spend my money but unfortunately, I ended up picking up one coin and getting on the road again. I wanted to give the shop the benefit of the doubt but I just got a bad impression.


I don't want to mention the dealer but the Pepsi Arena was pretty cool.



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Unfortunately, your experience is not unique. Many of these "major", and I use the term loosely, advertisers in the coin publications simply do not have the coins that they advertise! They wait until an order comes in and then, with your money, they go out and buy the coin. It is then shipped to you.

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TomB is 100% correct. The major coin advertisers only fill orders and do not act as a regular coin store. That's why companies like these are aggressive buyers at shows, because they are in search of coins to fill orders. However, as a collector, if you ever try to sell to them, watch out for lowball offers, because they don't NEED your coins, unless there is an order to fill. Christo_pull_hair.gif




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