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The info you need to fix the mixed up Canada Proof Dime Sets

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To Whom it may concern---


You guys have been trying to get the Canada proof dime series straight for a few years--here is the not so simple series explained.


The series runs from 1981 to current.


The coins were made of nickel from 1981 thru 1995. ( the beginnings of your skewed info.)


The coins were made exclusively of silver from dates 1996** to 2011- 92.5% sterling to be exact.


**In 1996 ( along with the new mint proof packaging), metal content for the dime, nickel, quarter and half dollar was changed from nickel to silver. The set was a "Double Dollar" set with both the Loonie $1 and the John Macintosh silver dollar commem (1796-1996.)


There were also several commem dimes in the series (volunteers, Cabot, etc) but all of the commems were silver and were seperate so that many years had a silver commem and the silver proof from the double dollar sets--you've done an excellent job with listing those correctly.


In 2012 the Canada mint screwed with the basic silver proof set. (If you can imagine the Canadian mint expanding the number of issues it makes of each coin---heavy sarcasm)..For the first time there were 2 completely different proof sets issued. For a few years you could buy the silver proof set with the Silver Dollar Commem being either gold gilted or full silver surface--but all other coins were the same 92.5% silver--there are NO non-silver dimes between 1996 and 2011 !!


So in 2012 they now have a 99.9% silver proof set with fancy gold gilt on the Dollar, twonie and the cent. The half, quater, dime and nickel are all 99.9% silver also but no gilt.


However--- for the first time in 2012 ( and 2013) they issued a completely different second proof set--this one has a plain silver commem dollar, twonie and cent and the other coins are of the normal nickel proof from back in 1981 thru 1995.


So to summarize, the set should be just one single set still--you have created 2 sets out of one and broken it incorrectly by metallic content--which is erroneously broken down anyhow again-ALL of the coins from 1996 thru 2011 were silver proof dimes.


If you insist on splitting the set into varying sets it should be as follows::::


Canada 10c Nickel Proofs 1981-1995

Canada 10c Silver Proofs -incl commems-1996 to current

Canada 10c 2012-current non-99.9% silver


OR----- you could simply return the set to :::


Canada Proof Dimes 1981-current


(and then add 2 slots for 2012 and 2013...one for each of the different metallic content)


Right now it is not only broken up erroneously with the silver dimes start date wrong on the second set...but the set from 1981 thru current is full of silver coins which can't be moved to the silver set.(and again there were no nickel coins after 1995 !!!)


I tried to keep the confusion down as much as possible ( and I've probably failed miserably)--but again, just make a single set for the series and add 2 slots each for 2012 and 2013 for the only years that they made the dimes of different metals...

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Thanks Ali...the original set: Canada 10c Proofs 1981 to current...this set is once again correct except it requires 2012 to have a 99.9% silver dime slot and then a plain 2012 slot...and 2013 also has the "fine silver proof set dime" and a regular 2013 slot..


Also, I re-read my post and it has a bit of a coarse tone to it and that was not my intent. I have just gotten a bit miffed at trying to keep up with the volumes of Canadian coin changes and commemoratives--I am quickly reaching the point where I may just quit with the dimes and $2 coins sets I've been collecting for years. I'm not even sure which coins I need to have a complete set each year without voluminous researches ( also why I am empathetic to NGC having the occasional gaffe with these sets and being a year behind in adding slots most often.)


I appreciate your efforts and thank you for all that you do........

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