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Is a swan a duck variety or a duck error???

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Will "Cherrypickers" Guide ever evolve into listing errors? I would bet you

can sell more copies if you did.There is a market for them.

What else can it evolve into??? As the die with the gouge continues to

strike more coins it continues to degrade just as the die with a die crack

does, and that area with the flaw will continue to change upon successive

strikes thus evolving into something different than when it first started

out as.The same happens with a normal die when it finally wears out, and the

die is changed out to a new one.It changes for every successive strike

though you may not notice it, it does on the molecular level. So after a few

thousand strikes what has changed on the molecular level you can now see the

difference as the die deteriorates even more.I have coins that you can see

the progression of how the die changes, and detiorates over a succession of

strikes. Dies chips, and cuds are a good example of such.


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck

and sounds like a duck, it's a DUCK!

Not true! A SWAN looks like a duck, and walks like a duck.

But, it is no Duck. It would be a Duck variety though, and not an error


I am not disagreeing with you what it is. That is why I am conversing with

you.BTW thanks for your time and correspondence it is helpful. I am just

trying to figure out what to do with my coins, and how to market them.I

don't want die crack on the slabs. To me they are so much more than that

since they are proof errors like you say they are.


Pat McNulty


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Sent: Sunday, August 29, 2004 1:47 PM

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Pat: May I respectfully suggest that you do your homework on what

constitutes a die gouge. You are incorrect when you state that

"...even a die gouge will evolve into something else other than what it

started as." What else can it evolve into???


A die gouge is precisely that, a GOUGE in a DIE, and as such, will

remain the same for the length of the die or until it is polished off.

IT DOES NOT AND WILL NOT CHANGE! This is why they are used in

identifying certain dies for authentication, etc.


You are confusing "variety" with "error". SOME varieties can be an

error, but no errors are varieties. Errors involve the planchet and

striking portions of the minting process, while varieties deal strictly

with the die aberrations and (again) are repetitive in nature.


I do not know any error coin publishers who would be interested in your



No matter how strongly you feel about "it is time for die cracks to be

labled just more than that...". They will not change their status just

because they are Proofs and are supposedly inspected more closely than

business strikes. That would be like sweeping sand against the tide -

it jist ain't gonna happen! If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck

and sounds like a duck, it's a DUCK! You even agree that it is an

error when you state: "....especially on Proof coins where inspections,

quality control and predictive maintenance should prevent such ERRORS

from ever occuring."


The image you sent of the die crack on a Sac is exccellent, about the

same size as the one I saw on the reverse of a 2004-S yesterday. Still,

and finally, it is not a variety, it is an error, and will not be listed

in the Cherrypickers" Guide.


As I suggested at the top, please do your homework on die gouges and

you'll see that I am correct.


I respectfully consider the matter closed.



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Whatever you call a swan or a duck has no effect on its nature. It's neither the trumpeter nor the mallard which you would change so much as the appetite of the hunter and it would seem that both birds are appearing on more menus.

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I can see it now! A successive die crack error collection on one coin's growth of a diecrack! Selling now is the certified die crack #1283 of whatever! I think you got something here for the market! I know of a few PCGs FS nickel slab buyers who would eat it up! 27_laughing.gif




Man! I just got an idea! PcGs Pop Top Monopoly! 27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif27_laughing.gif



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