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N.H. Coin Expo wrap up/report

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Well, the dust finally settled, and the 3.5 day show is over. In case my other thread was buried, or you didn't care to read it , a summary of each of the days will follow.


Wednesday and Thursday I attended the ANA Grading Seminar which I would recommend to anyone even remotely interested in collecting coins on a regular basis. I was lucky enough to attend a grading seminar 20+ years ago at a Boston show, and don't remember most of the details of that seminar, but after this seminar, I know I had to have left there with a much better understanding of grading coins.


I was here primarily to hear more about gold coins, specifically. I've always avoided gold, for a lack of knowledge on grading most of the series, and also, to sell on a regular basis, you really have to follow the markets, and keep up with different trends, which I'm not able to do at this time in my life. BUT, I do have interest in some of the series, so.........the seminar was interesting, and many good points were brought to the table, mostly privately with the instructors, that should benefit me greatly.


On the last day of the seminar they pass out coins, and each participant passes the coins along and assigns grades to each coin (the slabbed grades are taped up) I did quite well with the gold coins, BUT (I know, another capital BUT) my misses on 7 occasions were by 2 points overgrading. Not good misses. I did get 17 correct, and undergraded the remaining 5 coins by one point. Overall, not bad, but those two point misses would have killed my wallet on the bourse. I think there is light at the end of the tunnel.


On the other U.S. issues, I did quite well, in my mind anyways, hitting on 16 coins, with 13 coins undergraded on my sheet by one point. I feel that was quite consistent, and I could (and did in a couple of cases) make strong arguments to back up my undergrade ove the slabbed grade. One example was an 1823/2 large cent that was in a pcgs xf/45 holder, that the instructor graded au/55-58, and I had at 50-53. I don't believe anyone in the class nailed that one, and you could almost dismiss that coin from the results. Another one that stuck out with me was a dipped out half dime in a 65 holder, that had impaired luster from the dip, and had no business in the 5 holder. I'll stick to my guns on that one too.


The main reason I took this class is to get my certificate, so that I can get into some of the advanced courses at a later date. If I can find the time, I would enjoy heading to CO. for the experience. On the job experience, so to speak, straightens you out in a heartbeat, but formal instruction wouldn't hurt. I'm always attending seminars for other things, and find them beneficial even if I don't get too much out of them. The interaction with other experienced people and the information that can be put on the table at events like this is priceless, for the lack of a better term.


Thursday evening (dealer night) was very, very busy. I was pretty much non stop (selling) until about 7:15, and then quickly ran around my end of the bourse hunting down material. Found some nice coins, and made arrangements to settle things in the a.m.


Friday morning was also brisk. I never had a chance to leave my table from the a.m until later in the afternoon. At approx. 2pm, I finally had to ask a board member to wait at my table (he wanted to show me some coins, and I was so busy he wasn't able for at least a couple of hours) as I HAD to go and drop some checks off from my Thursday evening purchases. I had done business with a gentleman last year at this show (dealer) and he wasn't setting up this year, had a change in jobs since the last time I met him, and was looking to sell some of his "inventory". Well, he liked IHC's, and toned Morgans, primarily, with some type coins mixed in. It took us a while, but we worked things out on a lot of coins, and I was happy that he remembered me, and was even happier to here that he searched me out first, as he appreciated the way we were able to do things last year. I think it worked out to be a favorable transaction for the both of us, in the end.


Well, I ate my lunch at 5 pm...........when it finally started to die down a bit. I walked the floor at this point still looknig for decent material, and I should add that at this point of the show, I still hadn't even walked through the right half of the bourse! I found some decent coins, they were out there for the buying, but you had to look.


Saturday was another busy day. Not quite as hectic as Friday, but by the end of the day I did a touch more business when all was said and done. Towards the end of the day I did finally get a chance to wallk through the right side of the bourse, and did happen across some nice coins. One coin that I did pass on, reluctantly, was a 1909 (?) Barber dime in a new NGC ms/64 holder, with great, soft rose, lime green and gold colors that were very, very subtle, but very pretty when tilted in the light. Just a super coin. At 35% over bid, I passed on buying the coin for inventory only because I felt I would have it sit in my case for quite some time before I could find a buyer willing to pay a strong premium for that type of coin. Maybe a poor decision, but I went with my gut on taht one.


I hit the floor hard on Saturday evening selling a ton to dealers, making sure this show worked in my favor, even though my table was jammed most of the day.


Sunday rolled along, and for a Sunday when half the bourse was empty due to dealers leaving on Saturday evening, I sold enough material and bought enough to make the day more than worth the time. I did more running around and didn't mind doing it.


Sadysta1 made his "dealer" debut on Sunday. He set up next to me, and seemed to have done quite well for himself. I bought a few coins from him on Saturday when he made an appearance, and bought a few more when he set up on Sunday. Outhaul made the rounds as well. Sailing season is over, coin season is starting.


I noticed a small hoard of nicer Barber Halves, and really missed the boat on these. I saw them, wanted to get back to that dealers table, but just couldn't. I pointed them out to Sadysta, and he came back with another 8 QUALITY Barber Half Dollars for his album. I should have bought the whole freaking album, but I dropped the ball. I am glad Sadysta got his coins though, as the album was gone by the end of the day.


I had a great show. There was some grumbling from a few dealers that they didn't have a good show (there will always be the moaner and groaner types) but overall, most dealers did well enough to warrant a return trip. Last year was the first year for this multi day show, and it was steady, but not exactly busy. Bad timing and great weather didn't help. This year was a whole different ballgame. I knew from the get go on Thursday evening that there was a much different "buzz" to the room compared to last year.


Again, I enjoyed meeting and interacting with the many board members that were there. It was fun, and enjoyable, and hopefully worth everyones time that attended.


This report may be a bit too specific for some, not specific enough for others, but hopefully worth reading.


Where do these reports belong anyway? Here or in Coin Tangents?

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Darin - SUPER repors that you've made on this show. Congratulations for having such success and also for attending the grading seminar! 893applaud-thumb.gif Sounds like a VERY whorthwhile time and you made the most of it! thumbsup2.gif Can't wait to see your newps!



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Terrific report, Darin, and thanks for taking the time to write it up and post it here. By the way, the reports go anywhere you like when they are this good! thumbsup2.gif


I'm sorry I couldn't make the show and meet up with you again, but I was swamped at work and was fortunate to get enough time to do the one day Parsippany show on Sunday.

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Perfectly understandable Tom. Tonelover and I found all the nicely toned Washington Quarters anyhow. wink.gif


You did miss out on a super set of Barber Halves though. Sadysta1 picked up 8 coins from this set that was available, and the rest vanished rather quickly as well. All nice circ. coins, that I totally dropped the ball on. I noticed the set, and made a note in my head to go back to the dealers table...........got busy........forgot............mentioned them to Sadysta1.........nothing left. smile.gif He's putting together a fine circulated set as well, so they are going to a good home. smile.gif

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