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Bob you got ripped on the grade on the 29. It's an easy 64. ND coming strong with those mpl's!

It was already graded when I bought it. I'm not sure if I will have it regraded or not.


The price difference between 62BN and 64BN isn't that great, but this coin does have more eye appeal than a run of the mill 64BN. At least in my opinion. :cool:

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Yes, that is a great looking 1912. 1912 was a tough year in respect to colorful toners, but the ones that do exist are second to none in eye appeal.


I was the proud owner of the 1912 in your #2 set for about a year. It became the victim of the upgrade bug. I still think it looks as nice as any 66BN I've seen.


Here is one that was too tough to pass up.



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That's a great looking coin Bob! I'm still looking for a 1915- they are tough to find as nice as yours. With most coins I collect, I'm satisfied with having one of a single date/MM. Not so with MPL's- the amazing toning some of them have make them so unique. Who knows- I'll probably have a third 1912 one day!

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Some very nice examples in this thread.


Congrat's to all.


(thumbs u


I used to collect Lincoln Cents. Here are a few I used to own:







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