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I posted this in its own thread, but wanted to post it here also.







Edited to add I now get to enjoy the rest of my day laying my 1st glass tile backsplash in my new kitchen. wish me luck.


I did do a border in my bathroom last summer.


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Going through pics on my old computer and found some coins I wish I had back


I badly wish I could get this one back


Sorry for the crappy pics. I had only been collecting for 2 years.


I also did not know my love was going to be early toned wheats.


Kicking myself in the a#$











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Not a Cameo, but still a looker;


1967 1C SMS MS67RD





...and is available for sale, if anyone is interested, along with the remainder of the year 1967 SMS, all NGC holders.

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One more of the I wish I had kepts for the night.


I wasnt completly sure of my direction at the time and sold this one.


I have not replaced it yet as it seems they are not difficult to find nice or toned


I should add this was a failed attempt at a nice presentation



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