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Charmy's SANTA CLARA SHOW REPORT w/lots of pics!!

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The new Santa Clara coin show has been getting better and better with each show. Scott Griffin (who also puts on the San Francisco Mint coin show) does an excellent job of advertising and marketing the show, as well as listening to and accommodating all the dealers – and this show was no exception!


I left for the 6-hour drive all prepared with my two cups of iced lattes and a new recorded book to listen to – the Amanda Knox story which I enjoyed immensely!




This is the front of the Santa Clara Convention Center – including a view of the new stadium being built right across the street.










This is the train goes right in front of the convention center




The entrance by the loading dock.




I unloaded, checked in and began setting up my table. Set up went smoothly and I was had enough time to walk around and search for newps I actually ended up buying quite a few coins at the show, which I promptly sent over to Todd (through a fellow dealer) to be photographed, including this beautiful violet/magenta toned proof Indian.




I also found several nice raw pieces for my inventory.


After set up, I went over and registered for my room at the Hyatt which is connected to the convention center. This is the view from my room - it overlooks the new stadium, as well as the convention center parking lot and the Great American parking lot.








I joined some friends for a nice dinner at Tusca restaurant at the Hyatt, where we had some excellent dishes and some tasty wine!




After dinner, I went over to the Bay 101 to play some poker.




I decided to play some no limit since there was an immediate opening at that table. The blinds are 1-1-2 with a maximum buy-in of $200. I didn’t do very well at the first table, so I changed table, which also changed my luck. I slowly built up my winnings, and after I was a couple hundred dollars ahead, I thought about leaving but decided to finish my glass of wine first. I was thinking that this glass of wine might either be a very expensive glass of wine (if I lost a couple hands), or it might be lucky for me! Well, right after my last sip I was dealt pocket aces. I decided to slow play them so I didn’t raise, but another guy raised about $20 instead, so I just called, as did one other player. The flop came 3-5-8, and the same guy bet $40. The other player called and I went all-in with about $400-$450. Both players called, and the last two cards were non-threatening to my hand. The guy who was betting had pocket queens, and the other player mucked their cards so I never saw them. The pot ended up being about $400, so I scooped up my chips and cashed out!




This is the view taken from my room at night.




The show opened Thursday morning with a nice steady stream of people filling up the room, including some forum members!


John/DizzyFoxx was the first forum member to stop by my table! It was great to finally meet John, and he was so warm and friendly! He also showed me a most beautiful, well-struck Flying Eagle cent he had in his collection. It was PCGS MS64 and was in the old rattler holder with the foam insert.




Kevin/SanctionII bought a pretty-toned Lincoln cent



Sy/Skyman showed me some Apollo 12 memorabilia he recently bought. This is a lunar module optical sight.


Sy/Skyman showed me some Apollo 12 memorabilia he recently bought.




This is a lunar module optical sight.






I'm actually holding something that was on the moon!!!




This is a photo of the “Ocean of Storms” area of the moon taken in November 1969. Those light gray lines are footprints.





I took this picture after lunch on Friday from the front door of the bourse looking across the room.




This is my table, which is a couple rows from the front door.




This is the room taken from the back corner.




Cindi working the ANACS table, which was very busy for most of the show!




Paul of Scott Western Supplies and his new adorable daughter!




Wei, Art McBride, An-Pao and Ernie




I found a few bottles of “Rock and Roll” wine and decided to try them since they were California wines. This Grateful Dead wine was actually pretty good!




One of the dealers, Eric Risch, also has a winery – Pellet Estate – so I thought I’d give their wine a try.






After it opened up and breathed a little, it was really good. It was a heavy cab and had a wonderful spicy flavor.


Glenn Holsonbake/PonyExpress stopped by so I gave him a taste too!




After the show closed on Friday, a large group of us gathered at Bennigans pub for dinner. We had a great time!




On Saturday, people sort of tricked in, but soon the room filled up again. Here is a cute young budding numismatist and his grandfather




Dan/OriginalDan stopped by to say hi!




So did Lee/19Lyds!




Scott Griffin (on the right) and his fantastic show helpers!




Vince Lacariere – he is the bourse chair for the Fremont Coin show




Me enjoying the show!




After the show, I had dinner with another large group of folks. We ended up back Tusca at the Hyatt restaurant because the food there is so good, and it was convenient for everyone. Again, we had some amazing wines!!










We had such a great time eating, drinking, and visiting that I just went back to my room after dinner, watched some tv, and fell fast asleep!


On Sunday, I was planning to stop by and visit my folks in Oxnard so I would be taking the coast highway home – this would add an extra hour to my drive, plus whatever time I would spend with my parents. So I decided to pack up early since it would be a long day for me. The good thing was that it was a stunningly beautiful day, so the drive down the coast was breathtaking and very enjoyable.


This is Magu Rock which is just south of Oxnard – since I grew up in Oxnard, Magu Rock was a popular “hanging out” place for high schoolers (it brings back fond memories every time I see it).




As I was going through Malibu, I saw thousands of flags posted on the grass area in front of Pepperdine University (I only got a small portion of the mile or so of flags in my picture). The traffic along the coast highway in front of the university slowed down as everyone gazed at all these flags.




The show was great for both buying and selling, with Friday being my busiest and best day. Unfortunately, I won’t make the next show in April since it conflicts with Central States, which I’m very sad about! However, I will definitely look forward to being back in Santa Clara for the 2014 September show!


So that’s it for this report. Next up - I’m headed to a show in Las Vegas this coming weekend, but will probably wait to do another report for the Long Beach show in a couple weeks.


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The one dude at the dinner table, second from the right kinda looks like Shane!


Great report as always Charmy. Thanks for taking the time to stop by to share your show with us.

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The one dude at the dinner table, second from the right kinda looks like Shane!


Nah! Shane doesn't wear shirts that are that gaudy.


Wow! That "eighteen sixty-nine" photo with the footprints on the moon is fantastic.


Thanks for the report, Charmy.



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I've never been to that area of the country. It seems like a nice, clean and welcoming area.


Hope you did well at the show buying and selling. Thanks for the report.



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You Poker shark !! :grin: Those other 2 guys were probably fish - Pocket Q's are usually no good on a flop like when someones shoves especially if there is a flush draw with that flop. You did not post if the flop was rainbow or had flush potential . I dont know what your table image is but if I had a decent size stack I would have folded my Queens to your shove. If there was a flush draw on that flop I would have put you on a set of 5's or 8's looking to protect your hand against a flush on the turn or river.

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