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Off the subject, but IMPORTANT. Have others had trouble with viruses?

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Over the past weeks my computer has been getting infected with Trojan viruses. Has anyone else been having a similar problem? It’s my understanding that these things can be transmitted through message boards, sometimes innocently by those who pick them up elsewhere and then have them unknowingly sent though messages. I've been able to remove the viruses that I have received, but others may not be so lucky.


Please let me know if you have had similar problems. Doing here publicly could be more effect because it could alert others. You can also send me a PM if you prefer.


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There are several "worm" viruses out there that seem to get around. I have McAfee antivirus and scan at least once a week just to be careful. I had my entire hard drive destroyed by a visus a couple years ago and have been really careful since. The main thing is to not open attachments from people that you do not know. If you wish to open attachments, at least scan them first.


I have probably had one alert per month, sometimes more. I stop and sweep my hard drive immediately when the McAfee alarm shows up.

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I've not had any problems, but there are several ways to protect yourself:


1. Get a personal firewall. Go to zonealarm.com and download their free one. Excellent. And it does provide some email protection (the full version has more)

2. Get a virus protection program like VirusScan or Norton Antivirus.

3. Never open attachments from people you don't know and always suspect attachments you didn't request


It takes a little mental retraining, but in the end it's way worth it.

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