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Some neat ERROR bicentennials

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Hey Errorist, The seller of these coins also has a nickel with a piece of it missing. What causes this type of error. And why are they valuable?


plancket clip


Where do you do your research to define the value of a certain type of error?


I have read multiple post by you and you seem very enthusiastic about your "errors" I just wanted some info on why you are such an enthusiast about them? grin.gif

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A planchet clip occurs when the steel rods used to punch out the blanks from the metal strip made of the coin material overlaps a portion of the strip that has already been punched. There are curved,straight,ragged,incomplete,and elliptical clips. Sometimes it is possible to have a coin with multiple clips and they usually have higher premiums.

The red, and black book has a price guide in them for many types of ERRORS but not for die cracks I guess they consider them as VARIETIES since they are not listed in the books as ERRORS.


I like the ERRORS/VARIETIES because for me they are more unique then your regular graded coin.A flawless (MS-70, PF-70) coin is hard to come by, but to find one with an error is even harder to come by. They are in a class all alone. It is possible to have MS-70 or PF-70 coin that is an error/variety coin. It is extemely rare to have such a coin, but they do exist.



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