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Coin Show Report - Clifton, NJ

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I went to the Clifton, NJ coin show today. This show is held on the third Sunday of the month from September through June, so this was the first show after the summer break. This show has been growing steadily over the past few years - it was once about 25 table, but now it's about 35.


Floor traffic was good and there seemed to be a lot of 'buzz' in the air. The floor isn't as crowded as at Parsippany and the coin "price points" are lower, but I do see several of the local wholesalers at the show and four or so of the Clifton dealers also set up at the Parsippany show. Today two or three of the regulars were missing, but their tables were filled by other dealers.


I usually buy raw coins and "fun" stuff at the Clifton show. For example, today I picked up two checks - one dated July 2, 1896 drawn on the Chemical National Bank and the other dated July 14, 1900 that was drawn on the Bank of New York and has a pretty red two cent document stamp (looks like a postage stamp) with a battleship on it. Not bad for $3.00!


As for coins, I also picked up a nice raw XF 1924-S Mercury dime, a raw XF 1947 Walker (both to fill spots in my Dansco albums), a handsome XF dark-gray 1832 Bust half and a 1924 Peace Dollar in PCGS-63.


(Why did I buy the Peace dollar when I don't really collect them? TomB knows! devil.gif



Yes, it's true, it is in a PCGS first generation holder! For $25 I really couldn't resist! From what I can see, it's a perfectly agreeable MS-63 - but what do I know from Peace Dollars, anyway?


One pet peeve: one of the new dealers had a table full of nicer raw coins, including a nice (XF?) 1839-O half and four or five Bust quarters. The problem - he didn't have a lamp at his table! What kind of clown tries to sell expensive raw coins and doesn't even bring a fricken' lamp?

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Hey DaveG, as soon as I read that you bought the Peace dollar I thought that it must be an earlier holdered coin or a holder generation that is scarce! smile.gif You plastic collector! 893whatthe.gif


Your pet peeve is shared by me. I mean, come on folks, if you know you're doing a show...bring a light! 893frustrated.gif


It's nice to hear the Clifton show is growing, the last time I did that show was in 1995.

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It sounds like you had a good time today. Will you be going to the upcoming Parsippany show? Jeremy and I missed you and TomB at the last one.


As for your pet peeve, I agree, a dealer with a table full of raw coins + no lamp = red light in my mind. Sure maybe he just forgot it at home that day, but if you can’t really see what you’re buying, why buy it. confused-smiley-013.gif


Thanks for the report!


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Yes, I'm anticipating a good week - I'll be at Parsippany on Sunday and White Plains the following Saturday grin.gif I'll be looking to spend some money!


I didn't bother to ask that dealer if he had a lamp - if I see him next month and he doesn't have one, maybe I'll ask to take one of his coins across the room so I can see it - maybe he'll get the hint!


p.s., Tom, if Cammie can get serious money for a sample slab, maybe (in a decade or two) a 'rattler' will be something everyone will want to have one of - after all, it's not like they're making any more of them!

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