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mint tissue/envelope toned Proskey/Pukall hoard superb gem proof indian cent

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this 1883 proof indian cent in person sight seen


is way above average yay.gif for one of these hoard coins in terms of technical quality and eye appeal


a screwy.gifcollector


screwy.gifmichael screwy.gif


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Thank you for starting this thread, Michael! smile.gif


This is one of the more intriguing hoards that any of us could imagine yet it receives so little attention that most folks know nothing about them. Here is another coin that may be from this hoard- 599590-CIH91NGCPF65BN.jpg Do you remember staying up until near-dawn talking about this coin, among other coins, with me one night, Michael? This is the one that I sold to shylock and then shylock sold it back to me. It won't be going anywhere again. cloud9.gif


By the way, it actually is this color.

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I had a dream about a month ago, part of which I was in an old museum looking for coins. I wanted to photograph some Indian head cents and found two that were vivid in the dream – one purple/blue and one a coppery orange. The purple-blue one looked alot like the coins in this thread. cloud9.gif



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thanks john you got a GOOD EYE 893applaud-thumb.gif


hoot you always got something positive and informative to say and your writing skills are excellent thumbsup2.gif


tomb i remember our conversation 893applaud-thumb.gif and you called me and i talked most of the time 893whatthe.gif you are a gentleman tomb and knowledgable too


i saw this coin in person tomb this coin


shylock sent it to me for a look see the coin is to me really RARE in terms of color as i have NEVER SEEN A totally blue coloration not mixed with rose and ON BOTH SIDES to boot i will just say close to impossible to find


again this is the ultimate thumbsup2.gif


and i am sure there are a precious few out there like your coin but again your coin is the best i have ever seen yay.gif


and to sum up what makes tomb blue indian truly monster are the deep EVEN 100% blue colors BOTH SIDES flamed.gifflamed.gifflamed.gif


the mirrors on your coin like the 1883 posted above are deep watery


and even with the toning you can still see the heavy cameo on both sides just like the 1883


the deep watery mirrors contrasted with the frosted devices give the coins this cameo "look"

and even though again toned over you can still see the cameo


the grading services will not give it a cameo designation due to their "market acceptable" standards and liability issues and RIGHTLY SO thumbsup2.gif but it is still cameoed nonetheless



screwy.gifmichael screwy.gif



a screwy.gifcollector

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hi there jeremy


yes that coin is from mark feld now the secret is out idea.gif


mark feld now has his own website of coins for sale


not only are they some of the best prices in the industry idea.gif

all of the coins are really NEAT yay.gif


like this indian cent!!! thumbsup2.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


i got the scoop as many do not know of his site, yet

as it is a brand new site


and dealing with mark well you cant go wrong cloud9.gif


the site is really amazingly designed good looking and professional



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