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Whacky questions from ebay bidders. TomB this might answer your question

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Last week I had a PCGS G4 1805 bust quarter on ebay listed under the bust quarter section. I got an email thru ebay from a potential bidder asking if the coin was a quarter. I answer it and chuckle.


Just when I thought things couldn't get much sillier, about 5 minutes ago I get an email thru ebay from a person about a coin I have ending tonite. Here is the title of the auction....


ANACS EF40 1908-S Key Date! NO RESERVE!!!!



This person writes.....


Is this coin in an Anacs slab? Thanks! Scott


I politely write Scott back this message......


Yes, Hence the title of my listing "ANACS EF40....." thanks John.




Out of 5 coins I had listed I received 2 odd emails. I can't imagine running numerous auctions weekly and being buried in messages like this. At some point I would probably set my filter to delete any message that said "Question from ebay member".

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it seems pretty clear that they dont really know much about U.S.coins nor the hobby and they are looking for something other then beanie babies to spend their money on. what may seem like a silly question to you and i may be a legitimate question to them 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

I myself feel that it is best to answer a silly question and maybe get their bussiness then it is to just ignore their questions and not get their bussiness at all.

besides that by answering these silly questions you may be intrducing someone new into the hobby. smile.gif


Gallagher insane.gif

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It seems it might get exasperating dealing with inane questions. This also happened in an auction that I was running for a PCGS MS66 Roosevelt dime where I had a potential bidder email me asking if the coin was in a PCGS holder. foreheadslap.gif Not only was the PCGS MS66 listed in the title, but my writeup for the coin stated clearly that it was in a PCGS MS66 holder. I did, however, answer their email.

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I've asked a few questions myself. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif





makepoint.gif Yes, and here they are!!!!!!!!!!!! stooges.gif


questions from Hoot!

Oh! Is shippig free for your coins if I use a credit card through PayPal? Thanks! Hoot


Hey what does the "key" mean? Was this coin used on a key ring in the past? Are there other letters that come after the date other than S? Thanks! Hoot


Hey is this ANACS coin in an NGC slab? What does the "4" mean in G4? Thanks! Hoot



Thanks for the Laughs HooT!!!

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