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please identify this coin..

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Hi all, I have an odd coin I need help figuring out.


The coin is a penny die but is the size, color, shape and weight of a dime, complete with ridges. Some of the words on the edges of the coin are cut in half (i guess because its a penny stamped on a dime sized coin). The date is 1968.


I'm trying to take an acceptable picture of the coin but it is difficult- i dont own a scanner.


I also have various indian head pennies from the 1880's and wheatback pennies from the 1900's and a bunch of buffalo headed nickels and liberty dimes...argh


I know absolutely nothing about coins so please be gentle.

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I have no idea what the coin could be without a picture, but it could be an error coin....a Lincoln cent struck on a Dime planchet or the opposite. It also could be something done to the coin after it left the mint, but we will need a picture to verify.


As for prices....it will depend on the actual date and mint mark of the coin and also the condition the coin is in. Here is a link to a price guide that should help you. Just click on the denominations on the right side of the page and then select the series. It will give you prices for all circulated grades. If you have any MS or Mint State coins that never saw circulation then you will need to purchase a Redbook of US coins or by a copy of Coin Prices off the newstand.


If you put up pictures of the coins, we may be able to assist you with grading as well thumbsup2.gif

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