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one of the hardest early commems to find with killer toning, lustre and markfree

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here is a coin that should not exist flamed.gif


and a coin that is needed for even an early comem type set as there is only one year and mintmark combo as such


and unusual as it is i think the only early commem that has the same reverse and two totally different obverses for the series flamed.gif


i am talking about the robinson arkansas commem yay.gif


a coin that also embodies the abuse and connections of the old boys network of the early commem issues devil.gif


this commem has a huge flat forehead portrait that picks up even the littlest of marks and i have seen many ms65 even ms66 graded coins that are just plain marked up in the head area of the obverse yet are still graded ms66 flamed.gif the marks stand out like a sore thumb just because of the coins design on the obverse893frustrated.gif


also this coin never comes with any decent toning letalone exceptional toning nor eye appeal


the robinson had really poor die prepariation as they wanted to get the coins struck hastely and usually you see semi satiny tinfoil flat grey looking coins in ms65 ms66 this is the rule many many of these coins where left unsold in their original envelopes and usually have a dull tinny grey toned look from the envelope


even if not toned and dipped white the coin is just usually an ugly dull flat tinfoil looking coin


this coin is the really rare exception to the rule yay.gif this coin looks better in person with really strong lustre and much more vibrant colors in person sight seen but all we got is this scan


really vibrant shades of mostly orange to rose to blue/green rims with great lustre coming thruogh the toning

the reverse is pale gold with traces of steel blue lilac coloration at the border areas and again with great lustre coming through the toning


i have seen some similar coins a couple with some similar light edge colors but nowhere near the overall deep coloring or lustre or technical merits let alone EYE APPEAL 893applaud-thumb.gifof this coin also the few other coins i have seen where tab toned as i think this coin is also thumbsup2.gif


most likely from tab toning in an envelope for many decades


in person sight seen this coin is a killer as it noy only combines color and great lustre but along with a superb gem technical grade


i grade this coin as a STRONG MS66+ with killer color and lustre


this coin just recently graded by pcgs as ms66



screwy.gifmichael screwy.gif


a screwy.gif collector


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It does have nice toning and is mark free. It that way it is a nice silver coin.

For me, I am not crazy about it because it is an Arkansas comm. I don't like the design at all.

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Simply a tough coin to get not ugly.


Well, arguably, it is impossible NOT to considering the utter dullness of the design. BUT...if the coin has great "make-up" such as this toning it more than makes for the lack of vision of the artist. tongue.gif


Michael: Do you actually own all these coins you show on the board?? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


If you do --> 893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif



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thanks for all the great responses


and happy holidays 893applaud-thumb.gif


the coin is better in hand and is totally original and the print is basically invisible when the coin is viewed in person sight seen


i just do not know why but sometimes certian aspects of a great coin are unfairly magnified with images


and many other times as on ebay 893whatthe.gifdevil.gif the coin looks like a fantastic great coin but is a pig/rat/dog/turd in person blush.gif


usually many great toned coins have some sort of print if the print was truly distracting or ruined/ate into the coin then not good


but overall is good for this coin and adds to its originality and appeal and again in person sight seen the print is basically shy.gifinvisible shy.gif


the coin was pushed into an album by this errant thumbprint and the reason why the coin toned moreso deeply on the obverse than the reverse is that the coin was pushed in face up and the air circulated moreso on the obverse than the reverse hence the deeper more pronounced toning






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