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Email for NGC Registry

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Can someone please give me an email for the people in the registry. I am having a small problem putting a coin in. I thought perhaps everyone at NGC had left before the hurricane but I see Dena posted this morning, unless she did this from home.

Thanks Terry

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Can we get Arch to add an emoticon for something like "I'm going to run like Hell..."?


Excuse me but...how exactly are you going to "..run like Hell" if you are in a cow suit? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif



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O.K. O.K. O.K.


So where is everyone at NGC are they headed North?


I have not had any replies on my Registry submission question to them for 3 days.


I also sent a message to Sarah to see if it was safe to submit new coins, and got a auto reply that said she would be back Tuesday.


I saw an interesting piece on the Discovery channel that said that Florida could start expecting 3 to 4 hurricanes per year for decades.

Maybe NGC should consider moving its operations to say central Texas, maybe Austin.

Does water leak through cracks in safes?

What about a 15 ft. wall of salt water?

What about the registered mail deliveries?


I think our friends at NGC have enough work without having to deal with the Mother of all natures 4 months out of every year.



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