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Two questions - state quarter mint bags, broadstruck cent

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1. Are the mini-bags of state quarters ($25.00 bag) filtered for error coins (such as off-centers, or other major deformations) or are they unsearched?


2. What type of error is this lincoln cent? Broadstruck? The reverse is also rotated about 5 degrees from what it should be. Any value beyond 1 cent?




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The coin is definitely not broadstruck (see Attachment). It looks like it may be ever-so-slightly struck off-center on the obverse, but I'm unclear, otherwise, what you are considering.




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The Mint bags are unsearched other than thru the Mint's regular channels of riddling. You could find errors such as clips but on modern day Mint bags odds of finding error coins that are "out of round" are slim.


Your cent appears to be of normal specifications. Rotation up to 15 degrees is within Mint tolerance so your coin is not worth anything as an error.

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