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NUGRADE (grading service)

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I was talking to an old friend tonight and he mentioned seeing an ad in Coin world for a grading service by the name of NUGRADE,I was just wondering if anyone here knows anything about them,such as how accurate their grading is,how they compare to other grading services,etc.

any info would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks, confused-smiley-013.gif

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I've never heard of them and I would be extremely skeptical of them until more is known. Even second-tiered grading services are fairly flighty in my opinion. I'd stick to the major grading services unless you can see the coin first and can judge the coin on its own merit. I'd be extremely weary of PR and MS 70 coins from anyone other than NGC and PCGS.

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i have talked to the man who runs and owns it in early august 2004 of this year


he is really nice and he is out of pennsylvania


he sent me some of his new slabs and information to pass around and i did!!


and he is having an introductory special of grading more entry level new collector coins to get the word out on his new service collectors that would like the grade and protection of a slab for coins of any value


the slabs are really inert good quality and the modern coins he sent me where all accurately graded


now you might want to call them and get a submission form and give them a try........


as to how they grade well give them a chance and see what happens..................


and with coins if you see a coin for sale in their holder or any holder you need to look at the coin and decide for yourself if you like it or not and what the grade to YOU is......... and basically what you think the coin is worth to you in the holder regardless what the holder says




with any slab you need to buy the coin not the holder


for example.....................



if you look at a slabbed generic peace dollar and it says ms65 on the holder and the seller wants say $125 for it if you look at the coin irreguardless of whose holder it is in if you do not like the coin or its eye appeal and you think it is only an ms 64 well then this coin is not for you at $125 and most likely it is not for you even at $90 and if you like the coin and are willing to pay say $50 for it and the seller will sell it to you for that well then the coin is for you again irreguardless of what the holder says



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victor i love that "coin dog"


and actually victor sums it up really well!!!!


as my post assumes we live in a perfect world where all collectors can make really astute decisions based on the merits of the coin ONLY and in most cases this is not true and many lots most buy the holder not the coin



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I thought that was a pony????? 893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif893whatthe.gif


He certainly ain't no work horse. Why he's even lazier than my brother. 893frustrated.gif


"Coin dog"
That's a good word that you 'coined', Michael. screwy.gif27_laughing.gif


Anyway, back to the topic, I'd say that the chances are slim that another TPG service could arise to compete with the Big Boys but anything is possible and time will tell.

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Pretty darn cheap too!Only $3 as advertised in Coin World (Sept. 6th,Page 66)

If the guy grades coins conservativly it would be worth it.

Not until he's got respect. If all PCGS slabs were put in NTC holders, they wouldn't be taken seriously. He's got a lot of work to do if he wants to build a name.



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Thanks for your replies Everyone!

now I can let the guy who told me about this new grading service know that I'm not the only one that feels that he should stick to the major grading services.

and to stop being a penny pincher!


Gallagher devil.gif

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